Monday, March 19th, 2018

Blac Youngsta – Booty

The Borrowers, starring Blac Youngsta…


Alfred Soto: A boomin’ garage beat anchoring a catchphrase — I grew up in Miami, the land of bass. 

John Seroff: Novelty anthem offers monster 808s, 286 bpm, and TUU TUU. Even with the ign’ant shit, I am not built to resist.

Crystal Leww: The production on this is so wildly simple yet so weird — I love the wiggle-y sounding element that sounds like an alien trying to communicate from outer space. Unfortunately, Blac Youngsta is buried in the mix throughout and sounds a little bored for someone so enthused about booty. I don’t mind booty anthems, but you gotta give me more enthusiasm like T-Pain, less of this half-assed (ha!) nonsense, which sounds like Henny dick, honestly.

Jonathan Bradley: The bass thump of the 808 drops like the titular, and our hero is similarly single-minded. It isn’t as if the subject is an unworthy one — his forebears, from Sir Mix-a-Lot to Nicki Minaj, have demonstrated as much — but Blac Youngsta’s persnickety mutterings form a void emptier than the silences in the beat. He’s signed to CMG, the label owned by fellow Memphian Yo Gotti, and “Booty” comes across as a lesser version of that rapper’s “Rake It Up.” It’s a missed opportunity; a long while back, Plies approached a similar composition and, through strength of personality, turned it into a drama of lurking darkness and eerie ellipses. Youngsta, however, finds himself outshone even by the warbling, two-note vocal hook that provides his song’s only melodic feature.

Julian Axelrod: Blac Youngsta mashes together “Rake It Up” and “Look At Me Now” with all the grace and subtlety of a child making two Ken dolls kiss. Even the more inspired moments (particularly “Copyright that booty,” the best line The Lonely Island never wrote) are overshadowed by the weirdly bitter lyrics. I don’t ask for much from my strip club bangers, and maybe it’s silly to chide a song called “Booty” for its casual sexism. But if your song makes Yo Gotti seem like a forward-thinking innovator, you’re doing something wrong.

Ryo Miyauchi: There’s not much more to the title than the instructions by Blac Youngsta to move it for some money. It’s a functional strip-club track with a quirky bass beat. The tooting of the horn sounds like a parody of last year’s flute-rap micro-trend. Youngsta runs out of ideas fast, though, producing some odd lines on the spot like “I know my bitch loves me… because she rubs my feet.”

Nortey Dowuona: Bland and flat 808s clog up the blunt, clattering hi-hats and claps while Black Youngsta barely does stuff on it.

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