Monday, March 19th, 2018

Capital T ft. Majk – Pasha Jeten

And looking as fancy as they sound!


Juana Giaimo: “Pasha Jeten” sounds really fancy: the beat is clean as well as the precise piano chords while Capital T and Makjk both rap smoothly. Maybe that’s why “Pasha Jeten” is quite boring too — especially for its rather repetitive chorus. 

Crystal Leww: The star of “Pasha Jeten” is the production, which features what sounds like xylophone sounds and string twinkles in places that propel this track forward. This just keeps moving, never allowing for Capital T or Majk to really wear out their welcome.

Nortey Dowuona: Glittering marimba slides over the pedestrian piano stabs and flat, transparent drums as Capital T coos and hums and Majk mumbles and whines.

Iain Mew: The particular mix of twinkling instrumental and sing-song approach are shared with the current Not3s strain of UK pop. It’s cool to hear those familiar sounds mixed with traditional folk and a very different vocal style; I love whatever the harpsichord-like thing is and Capital T and Majk bring full-on commitment and no little swagger.

Jonathan Bradley: Kosovo Albanians Capital T and Majk rap like they believe it to be another type of singing, and not in the Drake-esque (or Devin The Dude, or Krayzie Bone, or whichever other North American forebear you might point to) meld that is the sing-rap. Their delivery in “Pasha Jeten” bends towards a folk style, as if they had taken old sounds and reconfigured them for modern production. But not too modern: “Pasha Jeten” suffers for a beat dominated by portentous piano, with its drums an afterthought. Hip-hop is a worldwide language now, but the Tower of Babel principle facilitating that poyglotism should be that the beat knocks. This one does not even swing.

Katherine St Asaph: Not sure whether it’s the melodies or the production, which skews distinctly early-’00s-crossover (the original “Ain’t It Funny” isn’t quite what I’m thinking of, but it’s close) that makes this sound like parallel-universe Raye. Gonna need a little more than that as a draw, though.

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One Response to “Capital T ft. Majk – Pasha Jeten”

  1. surprised that no one went for the Maître Gims comparison on this! this is right at home with the French school of singy-rap. i keep coming back to this.