Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Skepta – Rescue Me

Hang on, is that Darren Styles on the hook? Cos it certainly looks like him in the video…


Hazel Robinson: Fucking hell, can someone put out a record without a lame auto-tuned landfill emo chorus already? It’s got an earth-moving bassline, stop ruining it with this quasi-Chipmunk mediocrity!

Alfred Soto: Struggling to unwrap itself from the tentacles of acoustic Auto-Tuned twaddle is a pretty decent dubstep tune, but not decent enough to persuade you to untangle it.

Martin Skidmore: Strumming and especially some horribly whiney autotuned singer rather dominate this, which is a shame, as Skepta’s parts are pretty good. There’s a brightness and control in his delivery, which I like, and the odd good line. But the awful singing is all over this, and that makes it intolerable.

Michaelangelo Matos: The longer this went on, the more that filtered chorus horned in to the utter obfuscation of what had started out fairly promising.

Jonathan Bogart: I’m not sure what it is there’s not enough of here — a low end? variety in the dynamics? Skepta himself? — but it feels like a first draft, the glib singalong chorus too much like marking time till the spot-the-cliché verses come round again.

Chuck Eddy: Autotuned emo grime is not what you’d call my specialty area (not sure it’s anybody’s, to be honest), but though I do like the insane asylum video (Guy Who Thinks He’s Napoleon and all), I’m still having trouble hearing why anybody’d find this song special. So, as I believe Skepta requested, I will give him only the respect that he deserves.

Pete Baran: Quiet instrumental intro — check. Autotuned chorus — check. Surprisingly dark verses — surprised check. Rescue Me is the template of the stadium grime ballad, a three word phrase that seems ridiculous but is probably the source of much of the grime explosion. Even grime fans want to wave a lighter in the air.

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