Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Hov1 – Heartbreak

No, not that Hov…


Thomas Inskeep: I think they wanna be Eminem? But they sound more like 98°.

Iain Mew: Between the party bounce and the generous fun in the dynamic as different members take their moment for their personality to shine, “Heartbreak” is like a Big Bang song if they got stuck without any good singers.

Nortey Dowuona: Cringy raps from the Swedish quartet while the crisp piano driven beat submerges its 808s beneath ice and the bland house drums slide around without gaining their footing.

Claire Biddles: Catchy but very annoying — all the dropped in English words and phrases at the end of lines (“amex” “Rihanna” “emoji” etc) feel like the contents of a “hip young people” word cloud.

Katherine St Asaph: Disco strings! House piano! And a bunch of embarrassing Swedish bros putting a big ol’ [5] ceiling on those.

Alfred Soto: I’ve seen many bizarre adjective-noun permutations over the years — “Southern cuisine,” “Cuban subtlety,” “President Donald Trump” — but “Swedish hip-hop” got me. The landscape on “Heartbreak” looks barren, but “she rollin’ to get high” coaxes a giggle — why else would she be rollin’? The synthesized brass helps, as a shot might. 

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