Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Logic ft. Marshmello – Everyday

White goes first…


Katherine St Asaph: Find the negation of the statement: There exists a rapper in the set of iHeartMedia beneficiaries such that any single they’re allowed to release won’t have Marshmello brought in to blandify it.

Andy Hutchins: I find Marshmello interesting because what I’ve heard of his production consistently clings to the loud-quiet-loud skeleton of pop music that his genre has reified as verse-drop/hook-verse, yet dares to put thought into what’s on the other side of the drop — sometimes with almost delicate elements, like the ethereal instrumental portion of the “Wolves” hook that has sounds springing skyward and seaward. For “Everyday,” he deploys chiming synths and alien pings in the distance, and gives rap’s reigning tryhard striver a soundscape that sounds so far from a work-ethic anthem that it almost works for its incongruousness. It doesn’t — Logic quotes Crime Mob, as if Diamond wouldn’t relocate his teeth to his uvula, and the hook makes no sense — but standing next to someone whose hustle is showing every other syllable, The Guy With the Helmet Who Isn’t deadmau5 seems almost a savant, his own efforts coming off as effortless in the best way.

Will Adams: I’m one of a few listeners who sees promise in Marshmello’s recent turn to radio pop, but it is concerning how quickly he seems to veer into material that’s barely worth commercial bumpers for the NCAA tournament.

Katie Gill: Where’s the traditional awkward Logic lyric? We’ve got nothing even remotely close to “who can relate? WHOO!” All of his songs had some completely incongruous lyric that makes the song screech to a halt as you think “surely he must have thought that over.” All we’ve got is a half-baked, half-assed song where Logic sings about his girl’s daddy issues and stresses that he works hard while not really telling us exactly how he works hard. C’mon Logic, at least be tacky over boring.

Alfred Soto: He really shouldn’t sing when singing comes as hard for him as working hard does.

Nortey Dowuona: Meh beat. Flat drums and paper thin synths just reveal all the repetitive, rigid flow patterns Logic stumbles through when he’s not singing tonelessly. Plus the really annoying mention of a random girl with daddy issues looks even worse now he’s divorced. Meh.

Edward Okulicz: Everyday, it’s my day, blah blah, some girl has issues, this is the very definition of not working hard. And that probably goes double for Marshmello here.

Crystal Leww: “Logic & Marshmello” are already cursed words, but “Everyday” is somehow much worse than can already be implied! Marshmello producing a song where the hook is “I work hard every motherfucking day-ay-ay-ayyyyy” is some chef’s kiss level irony. Meanwhile, Logic has helpfully clarified that the second chorus about the girl with “daddy issues for days” is not about his ex-wife, but instead about ‘EDM Thots.’ Because he’s #woke, he does say that it does apply to dudes as well, but there’s something so gender-specific about ‘daddy issues’ that this just feels extremely disrespectful to the girls who spend their money to fill stadiums and fields in EDM that they somehow can’t get onto stages for. I mean…how many girls made this lineup that Marshmello is headlining? That’s what I thought. Fuck these dudes.

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