Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Olexesh ft. Edin – Magisch

More popular with German Spotify than Fucking Drake! With us…


Thomas Inskeep: Finally, proof that trop-house doesn’t have to be a four-letter term! This has a lovely samba feel to it, a groove that makes my hips move, and Edin’s hook vocals complement Olexesh’s flow quite nicely.

William John: “Magisch”‘s production is tactfully rendered; the delicate snares combine well with the synths, which rebound off each other like a game of Pong. The vocalists, however, are dispassionate and insouciant, which might work in other contexts but not when the subject is as rousing as a bewitching by a “Mädchen aus der Stadt” (city girl) who is “heißer als die Sonne” (hotter than the sun).

Will Adams: PzY’s production is the winning element here, with a surprisingly squelchy bass adding weight to the mallet synths. Unfortunately it’s not enough to elevate Olexesh and Edin, neither of whom can quite sell a sentiment like “Du bist so magisch.”

Edward Okulicz: Would a dodgy English-language pop song really make its hook “magical, magical, you are so magical?” Probably, and it’d sound just as silly as it does here in German, though I like the earnestness and wonder with which Edin sings it. Parts of the verses suffer from a marbles-in-mouth delivery from Olexesh, too. It’s just about saved by its production, which puffs its dated chest out with runty bravado.

Tim de Reuse: Making quips like “This glassy, bell-laden instrumental would’ve sounded passé in 2014” itself got old by 2016 or so. Olexesh himself sounds like he can’t be bothered.

Crystal Leww: Olexesh doesn’t do much for his verses, but Edin’s pre-chorus and chorus are pretty fun. I can sway along to the hook in the club, but you can bet that I’m probably going to stick around for it once before hoping that the DJ spins something else instead.

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