Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Rich the Kid – Plug Walk

Next up… this guy.


Crystal Leww: There is something “good” about the music from artists like XXXTentacion, Kodak Black, and Rich the Kid, but it is not necessary that labels will go out of their way to sign them and reward them with media coverage and playlist spots. Rap Caviar seems to feature more men accused of serious violence against women than actual women, and while “generational artist” still wouldn’t excuse that, this isn’t close to that. Whatever Rich the Kid does could be done by someone else. 

Micha Cavaseno: You never truly realize how much more enjoyable the effortlessness of a record like “Gucci Gang” is until you hear someone like Rich the Kid, a guy who makes doing nothing seem like such a chore. Drifty synths, rudimentary bars, and effort from a guy who used to at least provide energy on songs, it all equals a recipe for a nice three minute nap.

Will Rivitz: When visuals and sonics align: I don’t know whether this beat sounds otherworldly (“ethereal,” I guess) because of the astronaut floating through the void of the single’s album art or because its frigid flatness is so uncannily alien that it could just as easily have crash-landed here from an unknown source as have been produced in a normal studio. Either way, Rich the Kid’s breathy flow floats above the instrumental like a spaceship tentatively exploring the surface of a foreign planet, meticulously drawing out the best facets of the high-register synth line.

Julian Axelrod: Rich the Kid has carved out a nice little niche over the past year, dropping slightly surrealist bangers with hooks that stick in your brain for a week before you comprehend their weirdness. “Plug Walk” is one of his finest yet, with our host detailing his oddly chivalrous dealer-client relationship over a beat that sounds like a 8-bit video game theme dunked in lean. I’m kinda relieved the promised Drake feature never came through; a big-name guest would have ruined the zonked-out vibe. I’d much rather hear Rich fly solo, floating through a psychedelic wonderland of his own creation.

Nortey Dowuona: Wavy, gooey new wave synths hang above the buoyant, rubbery drums while the random vocalist says bland things and has a decent enough hook.

Alfred Soto: Although the casual lope and Rich’s barely there high-end suggest summer, the rest of “Plug Walk” suggests nothing at all, except the kind of secondhand ennui that counts every cent on the bill while pretending to look stoned.

Stephen Eisermann: A brag song that is poorly masked as an ode to a dealer, Rich does his best to flex in front of anyone who’ll listen. His flow isn’t all that convincing and the track is a bit too underproduced to feel current, but if nothing else the chorus is hot; now, for the rest to catch up.

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2 Responses to “Rich the Kid – Plug Walk”

  1. Between this and Youngboy NBA, I’ve had a pretty bad track record of writing positive reviews of rappers before finding out they’re domestic abusers

  2. His label’s done a really good job burying it and very few places that wrote reviews of the new album even mention it so not at all shocking that you didn’t know