Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Keith Urban – I’m In

Obvious Visual Gag Thursday – Part 2 of 2…


Jonathan Bogart: I almost fell asleep twice listening to this. Which wouldn’t have been so terrible except I was in traffic at the time.

Chuck Eddy: Fifth top-ten country single off his 2009 all-love-song album, and the only one I’ve managed to care about is still “Til Summer Comes Around”. Per usual with Urban, “I’m In” is a pleasant housewife confection with some pop-rocky guitar punch and no Southern rural chauvinism to speak of (seeing as how he’s Aussie and all). Beyond that, I already forgot, though I can definitely imagine this as an okay mid ’80s Bryan Adams album track.

Martin Skidmore: I find most country rock deeply tedious – those ’70s guitar breaks, the raw vocal attack of country mixed with the deep sincere emotions of AOR. This cover version is no exception. Urban is a personable enough singer, but this doesn’t excite or move me in the slightest on any level, and I can’t see the point of its existence.

Katherine St Asaph: I’m baffled as to why so many musicians covered this song when dentist’s offices would find it too boring. Keith doesn’t do it any favors, either; there are mannequins out there with more spark than him.

Michaelangelo Matos: Bland, but I like the rue I hear in the way he spits out the word “poet” in the line “I would be the best damn poet”: as if he feels some kind of failure not because he isn’t a poet, but because he doesn’t really like poetry even though he knows he’s supposed to.

Alfred Soto: Amiable penetration anthem, with Urban’s dimpled voice complementing the in-name-only country arrangement. In the horny dork department, I’ll take Urban and his guitar over Mayer and his sensual, sensitive mouth.

2 Responses to “Keith Urban – I’m In”

  1. those ’70s guitar breaks, the raw vocal attack of country mixed with the deep sincere emotions of AOR

    These are pluses!

  2. Can i just note how much I love the phrase amiable penetration anthem?