Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Javiera Mena ft. Li Saumet – Intuición

Only the Queen of the Jukebox could ever be dissatisfied with a 6.71.


Rebecca A. Gowns: Right from the moment the song starts, the electronic notes hit a chord deep in my bones. I don’t know what kind of magic Javiera Mena is messing with, but however she’s doing it, this is definitely the kind of song that deserves to be on repeat for months on end. So good!

Juana Giaimo: This is disappointing and boring. The melody of the verses sounds forced and exposes Javiera Mena’s limited vocal range, while in the chorus she lingers rather insipidly on each syllable of the title. The’s no variation in the repetitions of the chorus, which is surprising considering this is a collaboration. Instead, Li Saumets sings a better bridge than the actual bridge sung by Mena. Bomba Estéreo’s frontwoman’s slightly nasal, rapid vocals have energy, but her part is unfortunately too short. It is still a mystery to me why this single has 3 million views while the elegant and glossy synthpop of “Dentro de mí” only has half million views.

Alfred Soto: For almost a decade, the Chilean has issued one terrific single after another, exploring every dimension of synth pop. She can yearn. She can stamp her foot. She can growl. Stretching the chorus hook across another bank of glistening keyboards acts as another novel correlative for her desire. Where’s the extended 12″ remix? 

Katherine St Asaph: A perfectly pleasant bit of trop-house, with which Mena does a lot; you just need to get past that first needling synth to get there. And the bridge is fantastic, steely and dangerous; you just need to get through what seems like ages of static trop-house.

Will Adams: It’s not the sweeping synthscape that we often except from Mena, but it’s nonetheless an interesting venture into new territory. That is, until Li Saumet’s arresting bridge arrives — sharpening both vocal and production timbres — and the rest of the song begins to underwhelm.

Stephen Eisermann: Javiera Mena’s biggest strength is the silky quality of her voice and how it plays so well with all different types of production. Here, as Javiera sings about trying to reconnect with her intuition with some great help from the always engaging Li Saumet, both ladies sound terrific and entirely comfortable accompanied by this electro-tropical beat. It’s the perfect song to dance to on the dance floor at that random club you find while on vacation with your friends in any Latin American country.

Edward Okulicz: Located towards the more pumping end of Mena’s musical range, and admittedly I’m just going off a couple of lines, but this song seems so much a better fit for Li Saumet that for the first time ever I wish it weren’t Javiera Mena singing on a Javiera Mena song. Maybe Saumet just got the best bit as she’s the guest and Mena’s a good host.

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