Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Migos ft. Drake – Walk It Talk It

And Jamie Foxx…


Julian Axelrod: Culture II was so brain-numbing and overwhelming I truly can’t tell if a Migos song is good anymore. Is the one-line hook infectious or infuriating? Are the Migos sticking to their strengths or rehashing old tropes? Drake’s verse is a fun break from the monotony, but did this really need to be longer? The video is so fun and vibrant it redeems the song, but it’s a weird fit for a track that feels like such a chore.

Alfred Soto: Although more enthusiastic about Culture II than the average critic, I lost patience with this track’s jackhammer monotony: the gleam of those Sharper Image store background synths, Quavo barking like a drill sergeant and Drake’s too true “I gotta stay in my zone.”

Ryo Miyauchi: Migos hit enough of a saturation point at this point for them to not have to really try, and they don’t sound here as if they actually did. Even with a shallow knowledge of the first Culture, it’s all predictable to how this will exactly go: Quavo warms up the show as the first batter, Offset styles by rapping double-time, and Takeoff closes the track with brevity; the hook will be a word or phrase beaten to a pulp until it no longer contains any meaning. Deko and OG Parker’s glassy, oddball beat deserves a lot more than the three on autopilot.

Micha Cavaseno: Deko & OG Parker’s kaleidiscopic vibes (both as in mood and the xylophone’s cousin) are the true star of this graceful glider which apparently wasn’t enough to inspire Quavo to not phone it in for one goddamned minute of his 2018, but he’s the least useful Migo anyway so that’s fine. Staggeringly however, it’s none other than Drakk who picks up the slack, because Takeoff’s performance — when held against Offset’s energy — is ultimately not quite up to the standards set in recovering the song from the group’s clear signs of exhaustion.

Nortey Dowuona: Flat, empty synths weakly linger over the rattling, tin can drums as Migos push out their least interested raps and Drake just continues to be more charismatic (boring) then good at rapping (awkward). Takeoff of course goes off, but no one else does.

Stephen Eisermann: The song runs too long, the beat is too repetitive, Drake’s feature is too familiar and the boys of Migos are too invested to see that this just isn’t a good song. 

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