Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Famous Dex – Japan

Not the most controversy associated with a rapper today…


Crystal Leww: When you Google Famous Dex, a TMZ article about how he’d “destroy” Quavo and Justin Bieber in basketball comes up before any coverage of the video footage of him beating his girlfriend. Congrats to the team of people who are profiting off him — they’ve done a bang-up job controlling the narrative. Similar to his peers Rich the Kid and NBA Youngboy, Famous Dex is talented and makes music that’s interesting — Dex here lets words practically fall out of his mouth that makes how aesthetically pleasant it is sound like a lucky accident — but it’s also not anything that someone else couldn’t do.

Ryo Miyauchi: This is what Playboi Carti must sound like if he ever took a break from smearing his track with ad libs and bothered to write a complete verse. That is to say, I am glad Carti sticks to what he does because the banality of this Famous Dex song becomes apparent quick; and unlike Carti, he doesn’t have any other compelling component, beat nor ad libs, to divert my attention to.

Alfred Soto: Goofy in a boring way, but I guess I’m glad he’s off the Xan. 

Thomas Inskeep: I typically don’t get down with this kind of hyper-repetitive Soundcloud rap (cf. “Gucci Gang”), but there’s something so utterly charming in Famous Dex’s voice that I’m won over. Musically this comes off as 8-bit turned into actual music, not a joke, too. And I’m never mad at a song that comes in and does what it came to do, and leaves in under 2:30. One to watch, perhaps?

Will Adams: Famous Dex sounds like he’s having fun, so much that he often gets ahead of the beat before the next comp in the take reins him in. Any reservations I have about that or the slight production feel inconsequential: it’s over with in under two and a half minutes.

Julian Axelrod: Even if we ignore Dex’s history of domestic abuse, this is paper-thin trap with boring lyrics and a half-assed hook. But ignoring his domestic abuse is what got him this far, so fuck this song and fuck Famous Dex.

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