Friday, April 27th, 2018

Dennis Lloyd – Nevermind

Pseudonym pseudoscience…


Will Adams: Numb, plodding Spotify fodder that turns the hypothetical of “James Blake remixed by Robin Schulz” into an unasked-for reality.

Alfred Soto: There isn’t much here to the Israeli musician’s single except the homogenized rue suitable for global consumption. 

Claire Biddles: It’s maybe an oxymoron, but the listlessness of “Nevermind” is its defining feature. It coasts through its two-and-a-half minutes anchored by repetitive vocal sounds rather than definitive lyrics, just pleasant enough to tick along on repeat in the background but with nothing to differentiate it from the rest of the sort-of-folk, sort-of-funk, sort-of-music that surrounds it on Spotify. In a kind of depressing Time Out interview that positions Lloyd (not his real name) as a marketer first and a musician — or rather “product” — second, he explains that his pseudonym was chosen “to serve as an international stage name that would give [my] audience the feeling that they’ve heard it before.” I think that’s a neat enough metaphor for bland streaming-bait, don’t you?

Andy Hutchins: In fairness, picking the stage name Dennis Lloyd “after searching the internet to find something catchy that would feel familiar to audiences all around the world” as an Israeli with a distinctively Jewish name is substantially less embarrassing than Scotsman Adam Wiles adopting Calvin Harris to sound black “a bit more racially ambiguous,” but it still feels like there’s some Lizzy Grant-style obfuscation going on here. Probably, that will not matter to most if Lloyd can make more songs like this remix of his own “Nevermind,” a gorgeously blurry traipse through dry ice mist by a jackass who knows full well how him leaving will go and how non-hypothetical his threats are — but given that this was the remix improving on the largely unremarkable original, and that it traces melodies from Chance’s “All Night,” released between the original “Nevermind” and the remix, one wonders how many revisions Nir Tibor will be afforded.

Ryo Miyauchi: Dennis Lloyd wants you to admire his finely constructed loop, and boy, do things circle endlessly without a bump during its run. It’s nice to lose yourself in the prettiness, but the chant-like chorus quickly starts to sound like indecipherable gibberish as it drifts upon its own rhyme. As he shakes the numbness off with a “never mind,” I’m not too sure if Lloyd himself knows what it all means either.

Stephen Eisermann: When I was single, I always had the same scenario run through my head when I’d meet someone I was considering dating. I’d overthink what the possibilities could be and I’d essentially have a montage of made up memories flash through my head at lightning speed. They always ended badly, and I swear the same song played during every one of these episodes (it’s not weird for your brain to soundtrack your thoughts, right?), but I have never been able to recreate the song — until now. This song perfectly captures that nervous energy you feel when you’re considering giving someone a chance; but just like that feeling, it’s not all that enjoyable. 

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