Sunday, April 29th, 2018

The Singles Jukebox is looking for new writers

The Singles Jukebox is home to a talented roster of writers from around the globe with passionate, critical voices dedicated to the spectrum of modern music. We are an unpaid collective with a friendly community and many writers and alumni writing professionally elsewhere. If you’re a writer interested in exploring diverse genres and unfamiliar sounds we want to hear from you.

The site is seeking applications from writers with bold ideas and a willingness to tackle new subjects. We are particularly interested in writers whose voices are under-represented in music criticism and strongly encourage women and people of color to apply. All are welcome to apply, including those who have previously expressed interest in writing for the website.

If you’d like to be considered, please submit the following as an email to (no attachments, please) by midnight at the end of May 11th:

1. Three blurbs on songs of your choosing from the following list:

2. A blurb on one of your least favorite songs of the year so far.
3. A blurb on a song from this year that we haven’t covered.
4. A sample of your music writing — this could be anything from a published review to a blog post you’re proud of, anything you think represents the best of your work. If you don’t have anything suitable, please add a blurb for a fourth song from the list.

All blurbs should be up to 250 words of clean, concise copy and include a score from 0-10 that is well justified by the writing. If you have questions, send an email to All submissions will be considered, and we will respond to all applicants.

2 Responses to “The Singles Jukebox is looking for new writers”

  1. Here’s a Spotify playlist with all the songs here

  2. Yasssss ghost voices is THE JAM I hope you all do a post on it