Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Seeb x Dagny – Drink About

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Iain Mew: Seeb doesn’t have a lot in the way of new moves to pull from, but Dagny’s “end of my tether and swearing about it” mode turns out to be the perfect one to eke a little more life out of choppy trop.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: “I’m trying so hard not to give a fuck” is delivered with such unconvincing panache that I’m willing to read it as a representation of the song’s lyrical themes. The issue comes with how “fuck” is used multiple times in the chorus, obliterating any sort of meaning and strength the word held beforehand. The pre-chorus is most successful at capturing the depressing state of affairs, but it isn’t enough to salvage the poor songwriting.

Nortey Dowuona: Drifting clumps of piano drop over rigid, dribbling claps and rattling percussion and swaths of SYNTH until it all gets swept away and Dagny rides the flat, basic drums dropped in the ocean.

Ian Mathers: The beginning of this is extremely boring, and every time the voice and music separate again that holds true. But the chorus bits where the voice and music meld like they’re for once riding the same rhythm (the “no more waking up in your room” bits, basically) suddenly get a little compelling. If they’d doubled down on that element, they might have had something worth listening to.

Juana Giaimo: The melody is catchy and the beat is welcoming, while the manipulation of Dagny’s voice for the chorus is playful. The lyrics could be so much better, but I guess Seeb realized that intoxication makes hit singles!

Ryo Miyauchi: I certainly miss choruses that put in the final word, ones that EDM drops have replaced from pop radio. But with such a story like “Drink About” that I heard told by countless records since the drunk encounters of The Chainsmokers, I kinda wish to hear some kitchen-sink synth squiggle à la post-Chainsmokers Zedd in place of yet another try at a fuck-you and a hopeless plead to right a personal wrong.

Stephen Eisermann: The stale electro-pop music and cliched lyrics bring down Dagny’s sassy vocal, but I’m not even sure the best vocal turn could elevate this all too familiar song.

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