Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

M-22 ft. Medina – First Time

Looking for your first time on the Jukebox to be a largely “meh” affair? Uh, not sure why you’d want that but go ahead I guess and emulate Calvin Harris…


Alfred Soto: The Danish singer pairs with the British-German producer duo for the expected EDM drops and mildewed kicks.

A.J. Cohn: As unsatisfying and lackluster as many a first time. 

Stephen Eisermann: It’s very easy to look past the weird glorification of one’s “first time” in this because who really listens to lyrics while dancing mindlessly at a Vegas club, drink in hand? This song belongs in every club and movie montage about nightlife because it is quintessential house music, for better or worse.

Iain Mew: The latest attempt to find new ground in well-mapped territory blends a tropical sexy sexual sex song with the deeper emotional thump of a “With Every Heartbeat” or indeed the last time Medina was in the UK top 40. She’s adept enough at performing both to get something out of it, but the lyrics falling into coy cliché is a worst-of-both-worlds situation.

Katherine St Asaph: Lightning, this is what you came for — all the way back in 2016.

Will Adams: Rehashing the lightly moody deep house Calvin Harris’s “Thinking About You” half a decade after its peak would be a bad call if not for the facts that a) “Thinking About You” is a banger; b) Medina is always an excellent choice for a house vocalist; and c) “First Time” has the better ending guitar solo.

Juana Giaimo: “First Time” is a rather typical EDM track: straightforward synths, strong vocals, a steady beat that speeds up during the drop — which of course features some kind of high-pitched noise. It’s definitely not the first time someone’s done this. 

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