Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Nio Garcia ft. Casper, Darell, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny & Ozuna – Te Boté (Remix)

Still not as long as “Mirrors”…


Juana Giaimo: Seven minutes of resentful men boasting their ego by saying that now that they are single they’ll have a lot of sex? Well, yo los boté a ustedes también. 

Alfred Soto: “(Remix)” in the title justifies its length, as do, I imagine, the number of names in the credits, enough to open a commercial law firm on Brickell Avenue. A forlorn house keyboard in search of a message less surly than “You’re out of my life, bitch.” 

Stephen Eisermann: This mid-tempo reggaeton remix is comically long, but there are some serious feels being felt and issues being sorted through. It sucks that most of these guys spend their verses spewing misogynistic vitriol, because Ozuna and Nio seem to be genuinely dealing with heartache, and it’s refreshing to hear these overtly masculine guys cut loose a bit. Unfortunately, though, as Nicky says during his closing part, “Aprovecho el remix con Ozu para mandarte pal’ carajo también,” meaning that most of these men hopped on this track less to share their pain and more to tell off the women of their past. And sadly, that just means an excess of slut-shaming and misogyny.

Claire Biddles: With a trap sound that’s restrained and almost downbeat, “Te Boté” is too long and samey to stick, even with its cast of thousands.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: I respect how punishingly long this is, but that it refuses to waver in tone or dynamics sort of makes this more suitable as an installation piece. I suppose that if you’re ever feeling a combination of despondent, hateful and haughty, you can just put this on repeat and zone out. Not sure I see much use for it otherwise.

Julian Axelrod: During my trip to Colombia last month, I Shazam’d this song in countless cabs and restaurants solely off the strength of Bad Bunny’s verse. Now that I’ve heard the bloated remix in its entirety, I wonder if it actually just played once and this song is actually two weeks long.

Crystal Leww: I heard this out two weekends ago while in the Dominican Republic at a place that has the kind of bar stools that have giant fake ladies’ asses on them. I was there with four of my male coworkers, who were immediately embarrassed when this song came on because “the lyrics… they’re horrible!” And yet, when I looked around me, all I saw were girls and girls and girls and girls yelling along to the chorus and having the time of their lives. This is a viciously rude fuck off to an ex-girlfriend, but like how girls act out when Drake comes on in the club and girls acted out when “Loyal” used to come on (RIP RnBass), girls act out when “Te Boté” comes on in the club, too. The slow reggaeton beat, the dreary piano and an all-star cast of hot emcees in the Latin American scene make for a just slow enough track to feel yourself on the dance floor while shooting hate daggers at your ex from across the room. 

Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa: The piano line, paired with the cool, understated beat, is kind of an unusual setting for a long crew track, but it was working… until the full misogyny kicked in. Yes, there are really good verses here (Bad Bunny, Nicky Jam), but the entire “I dumped you over some new bitch who’s a better fuck” schtick in the rest of the track is just tiresome, especially the way it’s presented here. You can do nasty without doing awful.

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