Saturday, June 9th, 2018

The Singles Podcast reincarnation – Episode 1

We’re back! Let’s call this Episode 1 of V2.0 of The Singles Podcast. We’ll be doing short podcasts more regularly. So the next one will be in 2 weeks time and will be completely different. This time, Edward Okulicz and Alex Clifton talk about BTS (which was the #1 album in the U.S. at the time of recording) and, in keeping with the spirit of countries invading America, Cassy Gress plays us some pop that’s currently in the Russian charts.

Download it here: (36:44, MP3)

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Low quality – 21.7 Mb

You can  follow the Podcast on-site by clicking this link. The iTunes store no longer recognises that we exist, but this will be fixed by the next episode, and we can also be heard on Soundcloud. Please let us know what other services you’d like us on.

Here’s what we played and talked about:

BTS – Fake Love [Jukebox entry]
BTS – Paradise
BTS – Love Maze
BTS – Anpanman

Nyusha – Noch’ (Night)
Miyagi & Jendshpil’ Ft. Rem Digga – I Got Love
Maruv & Boosin – Drunk Groove
Jah Khalib – Medina
Filipp Kirkorov – Cvet nastroenija sinij (The Color of the Mood is Blue)

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5 Responses to “The Singles Podcast reincarnation – Episode 1”

  1. This was so fun to listen to! Thanks guys!

  2. I did the theme music <3

  3. Fun podcast all around. Not sure what the consensus is on fav songs from the BTS album but Love Maze is also my favorite (followed by Paradise and Magic Shop)

  4. team “Magic Shop” here

  5. Paradise is my actual favorite but I have a lot of fondness for Anpanman if only in terms of what it’s trying to convey.