Saturday, June 9th, 2018

Silk City ft. Daniel Merriweather – Only Can Get Better

After the last song? Yeah, pretty much…


Will Rivitz: Diplo’s California EP, released in March, is one of my least favorite releases of the year. I thought he’d lost his touch, sounding dated despite recruiting the newest of hitmakers to grace his tunes with vocals. But the hypnotic synths and teetering chords of “Only Can Get Better” are engrossing, a retread of ’90s house that feels, though not fresh, blissful, the closest one can get to rolling without actually rolling. Bless Mark Ronson for making Diplo good.

A.J. Cohn: Well, it couldn’t get much worse. 

Thomas Inskeep: Apparently, Mark Ronson brings out the best impulses in Diplo, because this is some underground-ish, deep, clubby house shit, complete with a down’n’dirty vocal from Ronson’s old pal Merriweather. Hands down, this is the best thing Diplo’s touched in years — maybe since his work with Usher — and makes me wanna hit the floor, hard. 

Jibril Yassin: Silk City are wise enough to not let their individual stylistic tendencies get ahead of themselves. Instead of getting bogged down, “Only Can Get Better” soars, the disembodied lead vocal evoking just as much feel-good optimism as the 4/4 kick.

Micha Cavaseno: Perhaps the most bare-minimum house single in recent memory, mostly due to the fact that we’ve been hitting the lowest common denominator in pop-house for the last few years. There’s not much you can find to be positive about besides the fuzzed-out synth line closer to the end, but hey, maybe a record such as this could mean there’ll be a sense of ambition in the scene of people trying to make redundant house.

Juan F. Carruyo: I wouldn’t mind hearing this in the back whilst grocery shopping.

Katherine St Asaph: The other night, before a weirdly booked indie house set, I was talking about how I liked house (nu- and otherwise) but don’t like house bros, at which point someone in the crowd helpfully burst out to illustrate: “HOUSE!” Anyway, that’s how I feel about this.

Alfred Soto: Summers are for house. Every season is for house. Let’s jam. 

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