Thursday, June 21st, 2018

AOA – Bingle Bangle

Sorry Jessica, our bad :(((


Jessica Doyle: Now we’re reviewing AOA?

Adaora Ede: As a longtime K-pop fan, I’ve always censured the criticisms flung at Korean girl groups for immature and vapid music. On the other hand, this literally sounds like a song out of a Disney production, and not from the well-crafted Disney Original Musicals that graced my childhood in the late 2000s, but a theme song from a throwaway Disney Junior program. Anything with repetitive onomatopoeia is a general red flag for me, but last year’s “Bing Bing” proved itself, brass loop and all. The whistling and the jangle guitar sound promising at first, but it sharply swerves from possible popabilly into the lane of reckless TV show pirate music. Ugh, those wasted Max Martin piano beats from the beginning! Disregarding Jimin’s solo verse and the horrible whooping riff, the verses — I particularly liked the pre-chorus — and the bridge are somewhat auspicious in that they are unadulterated skippy fun. Although I strongly dislike many, many parts of this, I can’t hate on the whole.

Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa: I was a bit skeptical about a ChoA-less AOA comeback, but this tune is here to prove two important things: 1. That the group is just as strong, and it’s still full of talented performers, and 2. That they’re still the ineffable queens of the K-Pop Summer Jam. “Bingle Bangle,” with its disco-indebted bassline, its acoustic guitar breakdowns, and that über-catchy whistled melody, is a shoo-in for millions of beach-party playlists across the globe. 

Crystal Leww: Floats by like any spring afternoon, but not like one that you’d remember for beyond the weekend.

Alex Clifton: AOA have been known for their extremely sexy singles, which is what made “Bingle Bangle” a surprise; it’s peppier than their older material. I mean, for god’s sake, it’s in a major key! It’s also their first single since the departure of ChoA, whose voice would have added some depth here. It’s blissfully devoid of Jimin’s signature “Hey!” hook but also seems devoid of some of their usual (excellent) drama, probably because they’ve forgone that route for an upbeat song. For the first time in ages, it sounds like they’re having fun being themselves and not trying to do a ~sexy~ dance for anyone, which is a nice change and part of what makes this so infectious. I’m just bummed we never got any of these chirpy tracks while ChoA was still with the group.

Katherine St Asaph: It’s not AOA’s fault that their single reminds me distinctly of Karmin, but it does.

Ramzi Awn: AOA’s forgettable whistle overproduces a basic AF soccer montage and turns it into the perfect teen vampire show. Unnecessary.   

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7 Responses to “AOA – Bingle Bangle”

  1. Tell them, Jessica. This site ain’t shit.

  2. you say that, but Alex was the one who introduced me to “Ai wo Choudai,” so I’m not exactly on solid AOA-respecting ground here

  3. In honor of ai wo choudai, can we have a decade-amnesty special at the end of next year so it can finally be reviewed on here?

    Also I would like to point out, this song is co-written by Krista Siegfrids of 2013 Eurovision’s Lesbian Fake Wedding For Finland performance. How does K-Pop find some of these songwriters, I wonder?

  4. Couldn’t review this but it’s a 1 or 2 from me. AOA peaked in 2014/2015 and were never even thaaaat good. I consider them important in helping usher in (or at least being emblematic of) more explicitly sexual (music) videos though!

  5. fun fact: when I first joined the site I actually looked for AOA specifically and aaaaalmost submitted them for Amnesty last year, but didn’t actually care for “Excuse Me” or “Bing Bing” enough slash couldn’t write a coherent review that wasn’t just me screaming. but honestly every single before this was a Confirmed Banger whereas this is a pleasant summer song with a very dopey chorus

    also Feathers I hope we do that

  6. This song is garbage but Heart Attack and Miniskirt (which you guys never reviewed) are peak K-pop

  7. Yah, I’m not sure if Bingle Bangle is really a great single but I think it shows that AOA can do just fine even if Choa’s permanently out of the picture, like Leonel said haha. People act like summer is a generally consistent time for Korean pop songs for some reason but that’s never been true for me anyways… maybe next time? Maybe a Cream comeback? Will FNC go back to solely promoting N.Flying for some reason? Will that new girl group ever materialize? Who knows.