Friday, June 29th, 2018

Shakira & Maluma – Clandestino

Is it Shaluma or Makira?


Juan F. Carruyo: We’re probably reaching peak Shaluma by now but I get it. Although it’s super common for superstars to join forces, it makes a difference when they come from the same place; they’re making Colombia proud and I wish them well, but this is not the way. Just another tepid, morose reggaeton without any of the trademark wit that helped Shakira establish herself early on or any of the sass that made her an international superstar. This is even miles away from the catchiness of Chantaje, just a 3 minute drag. 

Stephen Eisermann: Shakira is so good at embodying whatever vibe she wants her song to emanate, as seen in “Clandestino” where she slinks across the beat with her soft upper register. It feels so sexy and forbidden and Maluma plays into her game well, proving that sometimes reusing a winning formula really is what’s best. 

Juana Giaimo: Shakira and Maluma make a good duo because they share similar vocal strategies: they either use an almost rapped flow or slightly dramatic vocals. The rest is how their voices weave to seduce each other. After “Trap” they return to a reggaeton song that puts emphasis in the “reggae” part, thanks to the guitar riff of the beginning. Along with their voices, the beat is the star of this single: the loud rhythm of the prechorus fills the song with energy along with Shakira’s intense vocals. Unfortunately, the chorus doesn’t keep up with that: the beat goes back to normal and the vocals become shy. 

Alfred Soto: Now this is reggae, and the well-matched performers don’t outshout each other or drown the other’s lines. I can even imagine myself moving to it.

Ramzi Awn: Like Jhené Aiko, Shakira’s voice purrs with the right kind of bass. The melody does what you want it to, and Shakira and Maluma succeed in an illicit seduction. “Clandestino” has grooves for days.  

Jonathan Bogart: Reggae is back baby. It’s good again. Awoouu (wolf howl).

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