Friday, July 6th, 2018

Dawid Podsiadło – Małomiasteczkowy

Synth electro from Poland…


Katherine St Asaph: Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Polish pop artists; for whatever reason, a lot of former Polish X Factor/Voice contestants and the like make really great, lush and seething electro tracks. I guess sounding tinny like “Take On Me” technically counts as electro.

Vikram Joseph: Dawid Podsiadło is a former Polish X-Factor winner. His second album, rather wonderfully, is called Annoyance and Disappointment; even better, it was reissued as Annoyance and Disappointment 2.0 (totally stealing these for volume 1 and 2 of my memoirs). After an intro which sounds like the start of a cloud-rap jam, “Malomiasteczkowy” (annoyingly and disappointingly, the internet doesn’t tell me what it means) turns into fairly benign fizzy synth-pop which sounds a bit like Erasure.

Juana Giaimo: The fast beat joined by the bass and the childish vocals remind me of indie hit singles of the mid-’00s. It’s a pleasing track, but it’s too early for this kind of nostalgia.

Thomas Inskeep: A little bit Phoenix, a little bit MGMT, but poppier and better-sung than either, with a very insistent bassline.

Alex Clifton: It’s rare that a song with a distorted vocal sample doesn’t annoy me, but here we have one! It’s got a catchy synth riff to boot, too. Podsiadło doesn’t really give a commanding vocal performance, but then again, I’m not sure he needs to; it’s the kind of song that washes over you as you listen to it on the radio on a hot summer’s day, and he does his job well.

Jessica Doyle: On first listen I decided, eh, I don’t find Coldplay any more compelling when sung in Polish. And then a few hours later found myself trying to remember the opening lines well enough to get them out of my head. I’m biased towards wanting a little more happening with my songs — like more assertive lead guitar to follow the chorus, or in place of that heaving opening — but I think what this song is trying to do, it actually does pretty well. It’s less commanding in its own right and more a spur to reflection and conclusion: The Soundtrack of Your Life. And there’s an argument that thinking of our lives as narratives that can slot easily into soundtracks is a mistake in itself, but people do do it, nonetheless, and they might as well do it with “Małomiasteczkowy.” You’re doing fine, Mr. Podsiadło. Don’t change a thing for me.

Iain Mew: Six years since we did Ulises Hadjis’s “Donde Va” and from Wales to Venezuela to Poland this mode of propulsive synth-indie is proving both timeless and placeless. Dawid Podsiadło’s take is a sunnier one than most, with a couple of gestures to the tropical, but at its heart is the same appeal as always — continuous forward musical movement and vocals pulled along smoothly in the wake. 

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  1. this is a really good one too