Friday, July 20th, 2018

Loud Luxury ft. Brando – Body

Let’s ruin our Friday with some dancefloor detritus from Canada, shall we?


Alfred Soto: We all “lost our innocence” when these generic Eurohouse beats went global in the late Obama era. 

Hazel Southwell: Almost all music I like these days falls into two large moods: ‘lying in bed unable to get up’ and ‘a bottle and a half of rose wine down, wet-legged on a sticky dance floor’ and sometimes, rarely, there’s something like this which performs the perfect Venn crossover between the two into ‘highly motivated depression.’ There’s lots I love here: cheap house piano, big honking bass noises like trains crossing at high speed in the chorus, nonsensical and slightly sped-up lyrics about mild misbehaviour and aspirational behaviours like ‘being able to afford drinks in bars.’ You might be sitting there thinking ‘8 out of 10 is wild’ but it took everything in my body not to slam ’10’ as hard as my heart lurched at hearing something that made me want to do something. 

Stephen Eisermann: The drop is Vegas pool-party ready and in this heat, it’s hard to ask for more than that and a vodka tonic. So, I won’t.

Ramzi Awn: What a waste of a beat. Good bass work too. 

Will Adams: This “Body”‘s no party, won’t get shit started.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: There’s a meme on twitter where hack comedy writers claim that they programmed an AI to write, say, Olive Garden commercials. The results are always worse than actual procedurally-generated writing — knowing that someone intentionally tried to make stilted, robotic comedy makes any joy the weirdness resultant generates feel hollow. “Body” is the musical equivalent of those memes — lyrics that sound like you randomized the entire OVO lyrics database over a beat so deeply uninspired that I remember no distinguishing characteristics about it whatsoever.

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