Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Kygo ft. Imagine Dragons – Born to Be Yours

Kygo AND Imagine Dragons? You really shouldn’t have…


Alfred Soto: Follow me everything is all right/I’ll be the one to tuck you in at night.

Will Adams: See, you can tell he means it because his voice gets scratchy on the high notes.

Hazel Southwell: Kygo’s pony’s one trick is something I’m embarrassingly weak to and I once got so desperate while working on Reading and Leeds that I realised the bloke from Imagine Dragons is extremely fit so I had high hopes for this. It starts out extremely blah, getting through an entire verse before any Classic Kygo Bouncy Bit but fortunately manages to rescue itself comprehensively from there on in with solid Total Nonsense waves of extremely non-committal sub-basic Trop. I was about to give it some solid approval but the track immediately following, unfortunately, did all of the described series of things in exactly the same way but vastly better, suggesting that even if the pony does have an extremely limited repertoire its performance varies.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: This is surprisingly soft in touch for an Imagine Dragons track — even the customary yelled hook almost has a melody. Unfortunately, Kygo’s drop is entirely too chintzy: agreeable the first time around but only grating by the time it returns at the song’s end to jauntily march us into oblivion.

Tim de Reuse: Thick, rubbery EDM, full of acoustic guitar and candy-sweet organic flourish. It’s a better setting for Imagine Dragons’s vocals than Imagine Dragons’s own music, but that’s really not saying much.

Micha Cavaseno: It makes sense for Imagine Dragons to slowly work themselves into the EDM-sphere considering that their thunderous stadium rock is inherently indebted to EDM as well as current day rap production. That Kygo however, is so fucking oblivious to his collaborators to flatten the section which requires Dan Reynolds’s singing to Coldplay-esque light-pop until the inevitable generic fizz-pop drop comes around is baffling. This isn’t so much a generic record — which it is — as one that manages to completely undervalue its opportunities and somehow under-credits, of all things, a band who can be as charmless as Imagine Dragons.

Stephen Eisermann: If someone ever tells me that they were born to be mine, I hope they’d have the common courtesy of confessing this superb love to a much more interesting beat, because this music is direct-to-DVD-sequel stale.

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  1. i love when even the more favorable blurbs are kinda mean