Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Two Feet – I Feel Like I’m Drowning

Can’t give a better bio than Wikipedia: “After his single “Go Fuck Yourself” became a viral video online, he signed with Republic Records.”


Will Adams: “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” is a less sleazy title than “Love is a Bitch” or “Go Fuck Yourself.” Two Feet makes up for that with this wannabe Bond theme, complete with turgid, lazy production and a video in which he broods and drowns in a sea of women (get it?). Is US alternative radio really that hard up for hits that don’t require a shower afterward?

Iain Mew: What if, early on, the xx had rejected the idea of artfully using silence, and instead filled the space with bits they rescued from the Gorillaz studio bin? Actually slightly better-sounding than it has any right to be, but then you have to take into account the ugly sentiment/ugly phrasing combo of “your looks start depleting.”

Ian Mathers: Healthy romantic relationships aren’t actually supposed to be adversarial. This is a bit chicken-and-egg, but maybe if we didn’t almost obsessively focus in our pop culture on that kind of relationship, it’d help a bit. Why this particular colourless, generic slice of mope (featuring another dude with the same voice every second dude in 2018 has) is the straw that broke my back, who knows, but don’t worry: I would have hated the song regardless.

Hazel Southwell: This is some bullshit for people who “just think musicians should keep politics out of it.”

Ashley John: Two Feet gives us a song sung entirely under his breath, telling a one-sided story poorly enough it gets misrouted in my brain for another, slightly more screamy one: the title “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” and the lyrics (“I feel like I am just too close to love you“) mixed with Amnesty 2012 gem “Too Close.” 

Alfred Soto: It’s pretty and uses echo in the required modern manner. I can’t tell if Two Feet admires John Mayer but would rather be Shawn Mendes.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: I keep listening all the way through this without forming complete thoughts about it, assuming that there’s some drop or epic coda waiting around the corner. The title implies some sort of alt-rock show of histrionics, but there’s just a void, an utter lack of movement in any direction.

Katherine St Asaph: As convincingly sexy-sleazy as Target is CBGB. I’m sure thousands of people believe it.

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