Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Peter CottonTale ft. Chance The Rapper, Rex Orange County & Daniel Caesar – Forever Always

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Iain Mew: A collection of potentially cloying ideas, up to and including an actual “you’re my number #1 song,” which given the space of a song could each become their own separate bit of too much. Together, though, they’re redeemed by the way that they’re separated out but laid down as a trail to follow. Each gets a moment and each builds on the last until the big soft focus swish of the climax becomes inevitable and right.

Thomas Inskeep: Not forever, not always, not even just for the week. This weak sing-songy track features plenty of annoying vocals in the service of precious little, most notably Chance, who I guess I’m supposed to love in the same way I’m supposed to love Kendrick? Except Kendrick at least has something to say; Chance is just there.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: This is so incredibly corny — I think someone’s part is sung in faux-baby voice, which is a tough look to pull off. But it commits fully and deeply to its aesthetic, in the precisely picked guitars and sweeping organs and choirs that envelop the first half of the song, and then the surprisingly emotive guitar solo, sounding like it was dropped in from heaven or 1973. The addition of a Chance the Rapper guest verse, back in Coloring Book form after a year or so of muddled features, simply sweetens the deal.

Will Adams: Vibe suitable for little more than one of Spotify’s umpteen Chill playlists, feature credits suitable for the same, and vocals suitable for torture until you’re rewarded with Daniel Caesar near the end.

Katherine St Asaph: You’ve got a vocalist like Daniel Caesar on your song — what in god’s name is that first minute of singing?

Stephen Eisermann: I’ve always said that straight men film their overwrought, extra as hell proposals not to capture their bride’s reaction, but as a way to flex on other men. These dudes want people to know just how great they are, how connected to their feelings they are, because everything in this world is about perception. Peter, Rex, Chance, and Daniel are no better here, and if they thought this would make them seem sensitive and in touch with their feelings, then they’re wrong. All they look like is four dudes at a college talent show trying to pick up chicks with their barely finished song that is nothing more than their creative writing mid-term papers repurposed.

Julian Axelrod: In an era when summer songs are produced like summer blockbusters — big, loud, and aggressively accessible — it’s refreshing to hear a song that evokes a hot, lazy afternoon on your couch as a soft breeze whispers in your ear. Some might say there’s not much of a song here, but I think its slightness is its strength. The refrain echoes “I Will Always Love You,” but it’s delivered like a quiet affirmation of devotion. The guest list promises a raucous posse cut, but the voices weave in and out of the mix before you have a chance to register them. And for a song about everlasting love, its delicacy is poignant: at any moment, this could all blow away.

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