Saturday, July 28th, 2018

Twice – Dance the Night Away

Sorry Twice… we usually love you but not today!


Iain Mew: It’s weird hearing a Twice track where the biggest hook is an instrumental one, even ahead of the “la la la” version of it they lead off with. The vocals are remarkably low impact throughout, but the verses are saved from being a total non-event by the cracked mirror reflection of the hook in the digital scree behind them, a very Twice touch of the unexpected.

Ryo Miyauchi: While their signature style can be traced in the fat synth-bass as well as the moments given to Momo, this is mostly a record separate from the rest of Twice’s universe. Once the season is over, we can shelve this away for good. But in the time being, it’s a cute little slice of novelty that imagines the group as an act that favors more conservative EDM-pop than their usual choice of hyperactive, kitchen-sink dance tracks.

Thomas Inskeep: Oh, no: it’s K-trop house. And it’s not good. At all. It’s cutesy-poop.

Alfred Soto: The trop house tropes turn inject more sentimentality than I can tolerate, and the track isn’t fast enough to compensate.

Katherine St Asaph: Answers the question “what if Calvin Harris did a children’s TV theme in 2011?”

Juana Giaimo: This is a fun track, especially because it is very dynamic: it features a house-like beat, a rapped bridge, cheerleader chants, and also a false trumpet, which is the catchiest element of the chorus. However, all of it lacks a bit of intensity — it is too neat, as if it was the music of an touristic trip advertisement.

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One Response to “Twice – Dance the Night Away”

  1. It feels like Twice has bee coasting every since Likey. At least What is Love? was a good song in its own right… this one’s plain bad.