Monday, July 30th, 2018

Ozuna x Manuel Turizo – Vaina Loca

Why restrict yourself to one reggaeton star when you could be having two?


Anjy Ou: It’s strange how casual this song sounds when the lyrics are almost desperate. Turizo’s deep voice adds to the song’s sultry vibe, and Ozuna is almost impossibly smooth here. It’s rainy season where I am currently, so I’m not feeling particularly summery, but his song gets a comfortable, leisurely whine out of my underused hip joints. I can just about pretend I’m three hours and two drinks into a rooftop party under an easygoing sun, instead of dodging mini-rainstorms anytime I set foot outside.

Alfred Soto: The complementary heat generated between Turizo and Ozuna puts this over, as I found out at a Brickell bar in June; the dance floor was hot.

Jonathan Bogart: The colonization of Latin pop by reggaeton is almost complete. Fifteen years ago the generically handsome Manuel Turizo would have attempted a beefcake pop/rock career in the vein of Juanes or Luis Fonsi; now he affects a gruffness and rhythmic swagger that the silky-voiced Ozuna doesn’t need. But the ukelele-led rhythm (and the manic pixie dreamvideo) says everything about the social categories this song really means to slide into.

Ryo Miyauchi: Whereas his peers might bolster their ego to prove his worth, Ozuna’s wholesomeness continues to set him apart. His boyish croon adds a touch of innocence to his confessions, softening his feelings so his persistence won’t read too obsessive.

Katherine St Asaph: It’s a particular kind of frustration when multiple artists on a track are all trying quite hard and doing well more than par, yet the result still sounds generic.

Iain Mew: The best bits are when they add a bit of speed and attitude. The rest loses appeal not so much from the all-encompassing sweetness as from the fact that they sound like they’re leaving space for a Justin Bieber spot.

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