Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Dean Lewis – Be Alright

We start our day in Australia, with a breakup song by this guy: “Lewis was inspired to pursue music after watching a live Oasis DVD in 2005.”


Alfred Soto: Cheer up. After a good night’s sleep, you’ll ask yourself what you did to push her away.

Katherine St Asaph: This is so sad Alexa play Nate Ruess.

William John: I see that Sheeran’s inflections have infiltrated the “bananas and avocados” school of vocals now.

Scott Mildenhall: Great to hear someone singing in an audibly Australian accent; less great that Passenger’s vocal style has travelled to so many Carriers. More interesting (presuming no semantic mistranslation) is how in that one word, “mate,” Dean Lewis signals a million marketers’ notions of normative masculinity, thus pernicious emotional repression, thus “isn’t it nice when blokes talk about their feelings?” And yes, that is a good thing, and it’s interesting to consider how much The Conversation has changed since Mike Skinner did this exact song, better, nearly fifteen years ago.

Maxwell Cavaseno: Slurred sentimental goop and self-pity, with a backdrop that might as well be a generic greeting card of consolation. Dean Lewis is about as earnest in his navel-gazing as a car salesman, and I can’t tell if that makes “Be Alright” better or worse, but it doesn’t do enough to keep it from being boring. The attempts to punctuate this ditty with character (oooh, a swear! Oh, he’s drinking with his mates! Must be a bit distressed then!) come off as half-considered grasps for some sort of significance that either he’s not sure how to find, or maybe conceited enough to know people will indulge this junk for their own senses of egotism, and so he’d never have to try for more.

Vikram Joseph: The soggy sub-James Blunt rewrite of “Dry Your Eyes” that precisely none of us needed.

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