Thursday, August 30th, 2018

Zayn ft. Timbaland – Too Much

“Too easy,” we say…


Stephen Eisermann: “Too Much” is right, as this track tries to be too sexy, too R&B, too mature, too edgy, but all that comes across is that Zayn is trying too hard.

Juana Giaimo: This song is a mess: Zayn’s vocals seem completely lost while Timbaland’s robotic voice arrives fifteen years too late. 

Alfred Soto: It’s possible this echo-heavy something-or-other would’ve been a triumph in 2011 at the dawn of The Weeknd’s career. Now it strains to create a sense of unearned aural mystery.

Edward Okulicz: The idea that Zayn would have the most boring solo career out of One Direction would have seemed unthinkable when he departed, and still seems shocking at least until you listen to his output. “Too Much” is emotionally evasive, if not completely vacant, doesn’t have a catchy melody or interesting production and the whole Zayn project feels like it’s throwing out singles in the hope one’s going to stick. How can a seemingly interesting guy with talent and charisma think this is good enough?

Iain Mew: Collectively, solo One Direction members have a very impressive chart hit rate, but Zayn has been going longest and most constantly and has discovered that once attention starts dropping it can hit a cliff edge. He has a 1/4 record in 2018, if you’re generous to UK #20 “Let Me.” Liam has shown how well collaborations can keep things going, but none of those were the most obvious possible choice and sounded like clouded over versions of his previous singles.

Will Adams: It’s only appropriate that a collab with the least interesting One Direction solo career would result in Timbaland logging one of his least interesting productions in years. Too much reverb fog, too much marble-mouthing from Zayn, too much of nothing.

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