Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Alex Anwandter – Locura

And now, another missive from the sparkly Anwandter realm of anxiety and despair.


Juana Giaimo: As usual in Alex Anwandter’s music, the world is near apocalypse. “Locura” has a steady disco beat and very neat violins in the chorus, but it lacks that tense energy that his previous singles had. Instead, this is a very relaxed song as if, in a world becoming hell, there was nothing left to do but moving the feet to the beat.  

Jessica Doyle: Oh my gosh, this sounds positively jaunty! Might Anwandter be feeling… maybe… a little bit… happy? (*checks lyrics*) Nah, he’s dancing around, over, under, and through his own despair. From most artists, assembling such a warm and appealing backdrop and then putting over it “Hey, mama, I want to kill myself” would be shocking; from the guy who brought you “Siempre Es Viernes en Mi Corazón,” it’s almost predictable. I said almost.

Alfred Soto: No es una canción loca, but Alex Anwandter doesn’t do loca — he’s anxiously cautious, if that makes sense. Letting his mild voice stretch the chorus syllables, he evokes two generations of singers keeping their head while others lose theirs.

Thomas Inskeep: It’s a bop, as is said, and Anwandter sounds great, but I wish this had more energy, more propulsion: this should’ve been a full-on disco fantasia a la Scissor Sisters instead of just kinda jogging in place. 

Ramzi Awn: “Locura” boasts a smooth beat and a tight bass line, but Alex Anwandter’s agile vocals can’t quite lift the single out of feel-good obscurity. 

Stephen Eisermann: Delicious, synth-heavy disco-pop that has Alex dancing along as the world burns behind him. So, it feels like everyone one of my Saturday nights – dance along to whatever plays as I try to pretend that we aren’t headed towards the horrific end.

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