Friday, September 14th, 2018

Lele Pons – Celoso

Admittedly a bit kinder than we typically are to YouTube celebrities…


Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: This is entirely professional and accordingly anonymous, which makes it the best song ever made by a Vine star. 

Stephen Eisermann: This is… actually quite good. Lele Pons is pretty unimpressive vocally, but it almost doesn’t matter because she commits to play the sexy role the song needs. It all works tremendously well, and if I were Lele, I’d be thanking my A&R rep and producers because between the clean, slick production and bossy, attitude-heavy lyrics, this is a bop.

Alex Clifton: A chilly track about being on the receiving end of a jealous partner; Lele Pons is cool and collected, although she really ought to kick this guy in the chest. It’s a good end-of-summer song, enough to make you dance while also regretting that the party is almost over.

Katherine St Asaph: Slight, but there’s an appealing low-key-crossover-hit-from-2001 quality to this. Funny how the people who capture this nostalgia best aren’t the ones who try hardest.

Will Rivitz: About as unremarkable as reggaeton gets, but its undulating organ chords make “Celoso” about as good as unremarkable reggaeton gets. This song is the musical equivalent of the best item on the Subway footlong menu.

Alfred Soto: I’m fond of treating jealousy as a game that pop singer play on themselves and their lovers. Lele Pons gets it. 

Andy Hutchins: “You are jealous” and “you don’t own me” are not exactly the newest sentiments in the world, but they are made more generic here by a bland vocal. Shame, too, because the instrumental finds an interesting midpoint between danceable warmth and chilly paranoia.

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