Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Trippie Redd – Taking a Walk

Not a Passion Pit cover nor reference…


Will Rivitz: Please sign my petition to add a Trippie verse to every piece of elevator Muzak.

Anthony Easton: This seems more like the introduction to a song, not a particularly interesting song, but a song nonetheless. Now it’s just kind of flaccid wallpaper. 

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Scott Storch and Avedon’s production is softly plaintive but comforting in its warmth: a fitting soundtrack for a leisurely-paced walk during autumn. Disappointing that Trippie Redd then undersells his attempts at emotional resonance through a diluted performance and scattered lyricism. The casual suicidal ideation, the hollow braggadocio, the vituperative language directed towards women — it all congeals into greyscale nonchalance. Apropos as a portrayal of numbing depression? Perhaps, but the result is more of confusion: is there any purpose to the song’s brevity? And why is Trippie Redd playing to none of his strengths?

Juana Giaimo: Suicide is a delicate matter in society, and hearing a song being so open about it is at least surprising. It can also cause empathy, especially in the way Trippie Redd makes the syllables longer as if he were falling apart, almost roaring at the end of the only verse of the track. But I can’t help notice the first lines of the verse, where blaming women for mental illness and a toxic lifestyle is once again a common theme. The suicide note not being read by his “bitch,” is put as a cause for him to say “rule number one: never trust no bitch.” It’s hard to have empathy for someone who victimizes himself by blaming a whole other gender. 

Alfred Soto: “Rule #1: trust no bitch,” I learn in the first verse. The love scars run as deeply as the shared values, aesthetic and moral, with the late XXXTentatcion. 

Will Adams: Everything here — the brief run time, Scott Storch’s laid-back and at times dreamy production, the wordplay that at first feels clever but weakens through repetition — really does evoke the feeling of taking a walk outside to clear your head. Slight as it may be, sometimes a quick breather is just what’s needed.

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