Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Hardy Caprio ft. One Acen – Best Life

UK rapper, now not so “Unsigned“…


Will Adams: Standard come-up posturing made charming by both Hardy Caprio’s and One Acen’s everyman affect. The latter’s hook in particular matches the melodic trap underneath, a production that’s at times twinkling, stuttering and smooth.

Stephen Eisermann: Songs that involve flexing your success don’t normally move me, but Hardy Caprio’s sincerity on the track and the rich, peppy beat that he raps and sings along to are so moving, it’s hard not to smile and bop along with him.

Ramzi Awn: Hardy Caprio and One Acen deliver a solid flow with a tight hook. Good synth work reminiscent of an earlier time accentuates the beat, and the boys aren’t at a loss for words. A surprising late summer jam. 

Alfred Soto: This Croydon rapper would be better off as a singer, for his plaintive timbre suits the usual rags-to-riches climb. Unlike Swae, Hardy Caprio isn’t anomic — yet. 

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Goes down smoother than any other Hardy Caprio and One Acen collaboration thus far, allowing the chorus’s celebratory hook to feel well earned. “Best Life” succeeds because it sounds unequivocally familiar but totally effortless: a combination that makes the boasting feel even more biting. You can practically hear the haters complaining that anyone could’ve made a song like this.

Iain Mew: After a Cardi B album track of the same name, both the UK and USA have current minor hits about “living my best life” — it’s a phrase more than having its moment. I like this one more than “Smile” thanks to the bite Hardy Caprio and One Acen give it, with just the right sprinkling of the idea that living well is the best revenge.

Ian Mathers: Many songs that could include the line “fuck what you heard, I been out there living my best” would come across as protesting too much. The single strongest virtue here is that it just sounds accurate.

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