Friday, September 28th, 2018

Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens – I Love It



Alfred Soto: Well, it’s short and samples Adele Givens.

Thomas Inskeep: I’m not actually offended by this, like I expected I might be; this feels like a return to old-school, 2000s Kanye, who wasn’t afraid to be silly and ridiculous. And this is more ridiculous than offensive to my ears. What it’s most reminiscent of is his 2007 “remix” of Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s,” which West flips to talk about breast implants. Because of course the future husband of Kim K. would do that, right? The bassline on “I Love It” is phat (whether stolen or not), Lil Pump is fairly irrelevant, and Kanye’s verse is stoopid. The smartest thing about “I Love It” — besides clocking in at just over two minutes — is the Adele Givens sample that opens and closes it. This is a throwaway, but it’s preferable to ye, put it that way.

Hannah Jocelyn: Contrary to popular belief, which speculates Kanye has lost touch with What People Want and also Reality, it turns out he’s been in touch all along. It’s just not with the adult world, but the always robust edgy middle school one. Hooking up with Lil Pump for a video inspired by Roblox, with lines like “I’m a sick fuck I like a quick fuck” primed for humorless Minecraft rewrites and 10-hour editions? That’s not (only?) desperate, that’s outright savvy. It’s somewhat like Eminem’s pivot to earnest pop-rap on Recovery, with the opposite approach toward the same demographic. This will probably be all the rage at summer camps next year. Only this pairing can make something so tasteless it wraps back around to harmless. Bonus point for the way Lil Pump attempts to fit the word “ignorant” into his flow, a flow that cannot hold more than two syllables.

Anthony Easton: Who doesn’t like having their dick sucked? I mean, that’s not some shocking thing, is it anymore? Since when is cocksucking and dirty talk scandalous? Seriously. 

Cédric Le Merrer: Sorry, not my kind of stupid.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Lil Pump is focused by Kanye’s presence (and production job, which, even though it’s just “Fade” again, is far better than anything Pump has ever rapped on) but what Kanye gets from this pairing (other than chart success) is less clear. Like most of his 2018 raps, Ye seems unconcerned with anything that resembles coherence– and while the whole spoken interlude and repetition routine works better on a song that’s inherently jokey, it’s still largely a waste of time. At least Adele Givens gets a check off this.

Taylor Alatorre: Using a data set consisting only of this song, you could write the sentence “Lil Pump is a better lyricist than Kanye” and be 100% accurate. “Like a lighter, bitch, we ignant” is the kind of studiously dumb shit that forms the lifeblood of Twitter virality, while “sick fuck / quick fuck” is the half-formed thought you type into a fast-moving Twitch chat and immediately regret after doing so. (It’s the latter which has actually gone viral, of course, because we live in a society.) Another contrast: where Lil Pump is focused on making his crudeness as pleasant to the ear as possible, Kanye remains committed to the project of extrapolating his basest impulses onto all aspects of his music. This can still turn up gold sometimes – in this case the airtight production – but mostly it just sounds drained of any forward momentum, an artistic dead-end. If this is what the greatest rap genius of my generation wants to do with his talents, all hail our new SoundCloud overlords.

Tobi Tella: Points for something resembling sex positivity, and that amazing Adele Givens sample. Points off for being one of the most inane things I’ve ever heard and another desperate move in Kanye’s desperate spiral. Remember when we all still thought he was a genius?

Micha Cavaseno: Truly a turn of events when you spend a majority of a rapper’s verse asking to nobody in the room, in rhetorical despair “Hey, can y’all pull back that Lil Pump verse?”. Unfortunately, such is the case of 2018 Kanye.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: A half-hearted quickie.

Nortey Dowuona: Lumpy, bouncy bass slides in under Adele Givens’ admittedly funny joke about lazy male sex as limp, lazy drums push up Lil Pump’s bored, “done in 20 minutes” raps. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE. NOTHINGNOTHINGNOTHGINGNOTHINGNOTHINGNOTHTINGNOTHINGNOTHINGNOTHINGNOTHINGNOTHINGNOTHING

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2 Responses to “Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens – I Love It”

  1. If we never talk about Kanye West again I would be fine with that.

  2. Also, everyone here deserves the best for being correct about the Adele Givens sample being good.