Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Diamond Platnumz x Lava Lava x Mbosso – Jibebe

Tanzanian star with a pile of dance challenge videos…


Tim de Reuse: Over a subtle, restrained instrumental with an up-down-up-down chord progression that hovers in place without ever resolving, little vocal snippets pop in and out of frame. Each featured vocalist does their own thing, not stepping on each others’ toes, all contributing equally to a smooth four minutes unmarked by significant development or even any pronounced sectional boundaries. It’s a little formless, and it passes right through the head without leaving a particularly strong impression, but it’s at very least crisp and pleasant while it’s playing, before you’ve forgotten about it.

Kat Stevens: Almost a banger, but just too subtle for me. Maybe a theremin solo would do the trick?

Iain Mew: It’s a quiet mood piece that does cool things with contrast, in that the way it slinks along in solemnity gives the brief flashes of light in the hooks extra life. The Axiom Verge synth croaks thread it all together atmospherically.

Nortey Dowuona: Slinking, bubbling bass slides along, surfing the popping softball drums as Diamond Platinumz slides through smoothly. Mbosso dances above the top circle of the groove while Lava Lava is swept away, murmuring sweet nothings as he disappears.

Alfred Soto: As petty as it looks, my dislike of “Jibebe” stems from a visceral reaction to the “I like it” hook.

Ryo Miyauchi: The almost robotic way that the women answer back “I like it” to the men in the pre-chorus sounds uncanny, enough to give an impression that the three don’t invest too much effort in making this feel like a realistic encounter. But from the pure smoothness in their delivery as well as the suave beat, they don’t have to do too much to prove their cool.

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