Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Leslie Grace, Becky G, & CNCO – Díganle (Tainy remix)

Katie’s favorite boy band of 2016 underwhelms us…


Juan F. Carruyo: Reggaeton goes soap opera: a woman who rejects her man and then he promises to change. A true-and-tried storytelling device that isn’t all that foreign to latin pop songs. Becky G adds just a bit of spark but generally, the 2005-style production sounds as if this was cooked in some guy’s apartment in 5 minutes. This one screams quick turnaround to me. Even the video looks cheap. 

Iain Mew: This momentarily makes Becky G sort-of-rapping sound like the most exciting thing in the world, so it succeeds on something, even if it gets there by a process of flattening out expectations.

Tim de Reuse: No highs and no lows, lyrically or sonically; passed around disinterestedly from performer to performer. Latin pop wallpaper.

Ramzi Awn: “Díganle” has a party-ready flow and a solid melody. The vocals are seductive and the beat is free-flowing but uneventful. The track’s simplicity is both its strength and its weakness, making it perfect for a playlist but lacking on its own.   

Alfred Soto: One of the few recent occasions when three names and an ampersand create a vibrant track. I believed every voice, and my office neighbors wondered what I listened to.

Will Adams: It’s pretty damning that out of seven participants only one of them (Becky G) provides any sort of discernible personality, and it takes two minutes to get to her. The others swiftly fade into the anonymous reggaetón, and by the end I feel like I’m the one who deserves an apology.

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One Response to “Leslie Grace, Becky G, & CNCO – Díganle (Tainy remix)”

  1. love this track! reggaeton with real singing, which cnco doesn’t get to highlight often with their songs. Leslie makes music for people that get tired of the same generic reggaeton forumula