Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Little Big – Skibidi

They’re peddling FAKE NOVELTY POP all over your social media. Click the artist link below at your own risk.


Iain Mew: Little Big’s previous songs to have reached tens of millions of views include 1) A bomb-themed, rather 2NE1 take on “Lollipop,” with a Kim Jong Un impersonator for the video, 2) A euphoric trance song with the sweet chorus “I hope you die/Please die right now” 3) “Big Dick.” By comparison, “Skibidi” appears rather low on the (Russian) troll scale, in that it’s just silly and catchy. That’s a feint though. It is incredibly, madly catchy. It is distilled catchiness. It turns nonsense and rave sirens and a whirring mechanical breakdown into the most indelible, punk extreme of weaponised catchiness. I am in awe and a bit in love.

Taylor Alatorre: I was promised Russian Die Antwoord and instead got Russian Ylvis. Save your remaining brain cells and just browse Russian Memes United.

Will Adams: Notably, the most annoying aspect of “Skibidi” isn’t its distillation of past novelty dancepop fluff — equal parts Ylvis, Wang Rong, Scatman John and Crazy Frog, each annoying in their own unique, agonizing way — to the point where these viral crazes increasingly seem less accidental and more calculated and highly curated; but rather, the waste of the pretty decent techno groove underpinning it all.

John Seroff: Manufacturing ill will for a contrived “dance craze” novelty track is mostly justifiable only in direct relation to how inescapable the song is and, at least in America, this is still entirely — and thankfully — avoidable. That said, if Short, Martin and Chase aren’t getting royalty checks, somebody’s lawyer is dropping the ball.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Sounds like dumb fun until you watch the video and realize it’s calculated dumb fun.

Tim de Reuse: Like, sure, I wasn’t charmed by the joke and I think it’s a waste of everyone’s time, but that’s just because I don’t like the joke, right? If I don’t like it, it just isn’t my kind of thing, but it’s still doing exactly what it wants to do and succeeding, so there’s no point in saying what I don’t like about it. Sure, sure, sure. But there are so many funnier things you could put over a thrown-together beat and a one-measure bassline; Fatboy Slim based his career off of this, for god’s sake! You can ask for more — we can all ask for more from our skeletal, half-finished comedy dance music. Do you like this one? Your standards are too low. I will die on this hill.

Edward Okulicz: Viral and then some, I’ve seen this shared on social media by people I know who aren’t even into music. I have no idea if that can be parlayed into a real hit, but if it’s racking up the views, it doesn’t matter if no radio station touches it or money changes hands from consumer to artist. What is obvious is that this is a brutally effective sledgehammer that promises nothing more than harmless fun but significantly over-delivers in that it sticks in the brain long after, and gives you a lame/awesome dance to do at the same time. A near-perfect product, really.

Alfred Soto: Cool sounds, bros.

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