Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Jimmie Allen – Best Shot

Just good enough for your editor not to have an easy 3-point shot joke…


Thomas Inskeep: Newcomer Allen has a light, almost airy voice, and “Best Shot” is refreshingly underproduced to match. The song’s just so-so, but this record is better than it should be.

Julian Axelrod: Sweet and sincere, without much else to offer. Befitting the subject matter, this is a bunt from a guy swinging for a home run.

Jibril Yassin: It’s clear Jimmie Allen has solid vocal chops and brimming songwriting talent, but this understated debut doesn’t reveal them right away. You’ll notice it after a few listens — how Allen sings well when surrounded by a bit of groove, or just how minimal the track is. 

Taylor Alatorre: Jimmie Allen is so proud of this chorus that he cuts the second verse down to four measures to get to it faster. But for what purpose? If it’s to convey urgency, or to keep the listener on their toes, nothing else in the rest of the song assists in those goals. The worshipful treatment of the chorus makes the song’s other shortcomings even more apparent, including its perfunctory attempt at an emotional crescendo.

Alfred Soto: The admission of humility is not charmless until he says he’s gonna give her his best shot. Uh. You’re the one who admitted to being fucked up, pal.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: How sweet of Jimmie Allen to admit that he’s not good enough for this woman.

Katherine St Asaph: Sometimes you’ve just got to shoot your shot.

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