Thursday, November 29th, 2018

Jess Glynne – Thursday

Please take a moment to appreciate our intentional scheduling of this song on this day…


Maxwell Cavaseno: Man, the further and further Jess Glynne departs from Clean Bandit, the faster and faster she becomes Rachel Platten with some sense of range.

Stephen Eisermann: Restraint doesn’t sound as good on Jess Glynne as belting does. Just like the song’s message and minimalist production seem like calculated decisions, so do her vocal inflections, which would be fine, except that seems to go against the message of the song, no?

John Seroff: Approaching lack of artifice as some sort of special occasion virtue emphasizes artificiality as a necessary norm; one presumes Friday through Wednesday are the days when Glynne’s down with the patriarchy? This empowerment-by-numbers track would be better served with less flimsy bravado and a lot more thought.

Alfred Soto: This “I’ve Never Been to Me” depends on Jess Glynne’s starchy Beth Orton-indebted tones, and a bookmarked copy of The Alchemist. 

Ramzi Awn: Any song that uses the word “broken” to describe a person in 2018 is not worth listening to. I’d much rather hear about a broken dishwasher. Anyone up for “Mrs. Bartolozzi” by Kate Bush? 

Anthony Easton: This kind of lush self-loathing is absurd, and we can tear apart the lyrics, but how she sings “Thursday,” and how it clips into a production that was fairly anemic, has a charm that complicates the enterprise. 

Joshua Minsoo Kim: “Thursday” is constantly on the precipice of mawkishness, but that’s the secret to its appeal: everyone knows that the sentiments expressed in these lyrics are trite, so it’s the song’s quiet navigation of its ideas that help listeners ease into them. The tremolo picking is awkward — like it’s shoehorning a cinematic undercurrent to the song — but it feels like the perfect way to transition into the song’s jubilant finale. The post-chorus is underwritten, but this otherwise has the perfect topline to transmit self-love in a manner that’s both cautiously and unabashedly sincere.

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