Monday, December 24th, 2018

The Singles Podcast – episode 3

This podcast was supposed to be published about 3 weeks ago, but we had some technical problems and our editor was laid low with a nasty influenza infection and was physically unable to listen and edit. But we decided that we might as well not throw it away even if it might be a few weeks out of date now. William John is your host, and he discussed The 1975’s album with Claire Biddles, and what local artists were having hits on the New Zealand chart with Edward Okulicz. Stephen Eisermann also talks us through some nominated and winning artists at last month’s Latin Grammys.

Download it here: (53:52, MP3)

High quality – 87.1 Mb
Low quality – 19.3 Mb

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The 1975 – I Couldn’t Be More in Love
The 1975 – I Like America & America Likes Me
The 1975 – I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)
The 1975 – It’s Not Living If It’s Not With You

Broods – Everything Goes (Wow)
Bene – Soaked
Theia – Candy
LA Women – Don’t Call Me Back

Rosalía – Pienso en tu mirá
Angela Aguilar (ft. Pepe Aguilar) – Tu Sangre en mi Cuerpo
Bomba Estéreo – Internacionales
Fito Páez – Tu Vida Mi Vida

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