Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Primary 1 – Princess

There’s a lot of gurning in this video, but it’s quite pretty apart from that…


Alfred Soto: What the bloody hell is this — a misbegotten football chant? A Coldplay anthem? A Go West b-side?

David Raposa: The glittering big-bottomed bloopy gait of this tune’s backing track, I can totally get with. The faux-soulful twerpiness of the vocalist, on the other hand…

Martin Skidmore: I know nothing about him, but he appears to be yet another reasonably talented electronica producer with no vocal talent. Does no one tell these fools that they can’t sing?

Katherine St Asaph: Somebody get this vocalist a throat stent before his half-hearted whine does any more damage to a perfectly good song.

Jonathan Bogart: Pleasant mood music, but lacks the punch, sizzle, and burn of superb modern pop. That’s fine; more delicate ears require more sensitive sounds.

Mallory O’Donnell: The frilly edges here are what please me most — the overripe jazz in the vocal, the self-conscious bow-out in the delivery of “only you get me excited,” the little squelches of filtered pink noise rippling beneath the margins of the choruses. I also personally enjoy the feeling of uncertainty regarding the sincerity of the pop moves here, but that’s probably about where I part ways from most folks.

Erick Bieritz: It’s a good song, buoyant, shameless in its classic pop aspirations. But it’s the video that really sticks as one of the highlights of the year. If nothing else, the newfound habit of marching lockstep down the street, imagining a column of polychromatic clones in tow, will keep listeners watching for the next Primary 1 single.

Anthony Easton: Video looks like it was made at Burning Man, but I love the Afro-futurist queen, the empty men in brightly coloured suits, and whatever is happening with the rain barrels. He has an interesting voice, as well.

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  1. An updated Controversy List with a few representative blurbs — Nicki’s still winning and I’m pleased to see Lyfe Jennings rounding out the Top 10.

    In other news, in reference to a comment I made a couple months ago re: Mike Posner’s synth solo bit (sounds good snipped out and looped) of his song sounding like it came outta Sonic the Hedgehog, I also did this.