Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

Octavian – Move Faster

Small brain: Getting a Drake co-sign. Galaxy brain: Getting a TSJ co-sign.


Alfred Soto: He’s got Drake’s blessing and Drake’s way of letting vowels echo like he’s trapped at the bottom of a well, and it’s unfortunate. 

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Drake gave “Party Here” his seal of approval early last year, and Octavian’s now come around to making the most Drake-like track of his young career. The best thing about “Move Faster” is how it’s a song suffused with contentment — any speed is fine as long as it doesn’t take one out of this hazy, nocturnal atmosphere. Synthesized warbles and rhythmically-different adlibs pinpoint this particular feeling, one that’s fine with both coasting and switching gears. A shame about the one minute spoken intro, though; this would be a killer two minute track to keep on repeat without it.

Will Rivitz: Rules to writing effective hip-hop: off-brand-XXXTENTACION extended spoken intros have never been a good look, off-brand-XXXTENTACION possessive jealousy has never been a good look, off-brand-XXXTENTACION weepy trap production has never been a good look, and ripping bits and pieces from ? into the musical equivalent of refrigerated oatmeal is only a good look if the person caterwauling under the Saran wrap has a charisma beyond that of the wilted kale on the next shelf.

Nicholas Donohoue: Even though it’s average and just pleasant, I was prepared to give this a [7] until I learned that Octavian was not rapping over the music for Brinstar

Anna Suiter: “Move Faster” winds up too slowly and somehow winds down too quickly at the same time. The dissonance between the tone of the spoken intro and the rest of the song doesn’t make that slow windup seem worth it, either. The entire song just feels a little too big for the space it’s allowed, like it’s trying to do a few too many things, and doesn’t quite accomplish any of them.

Ryo Miyauchi: “Move Faster” occupies an empty space wedged between two poles of mainstream trap. It has the ticks and wide-screen vision of an Astroworld album cut, but Octavian seems way too loose to activate that same kind of “Sicko Mode” energy. Though it feels narcotic like a 21 Savage type beat, the song overall stays relatively free from thick effects. Octavian smoothly blends into the beat, effortless enough to lounge in its airy pads, yet he also commands to “move faster.” The intent and energy couldn’t be more contradictory.

Katherine St Asaph: It’s safe to say that the sound of 2019, as well as 2018, 2017, probably 2020, and every year in the neighborhood, is Fucking Drake. Specifically, Octavian’s part of the Sound of 2019 is Drake except more soporific. The title burns itself.

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