Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Sea Girls – All I Want to Hear You Say

The Sound of 2019 longlist is a not-so-longlist this year, which must mean all the chaff is gone!


Julian Axelrod: It’s 2019, and passive-aggressive class-based shouty sadboi indie rock is BACK, baby! Send a page-long text to your ex! Dig your old Virgins records out of storage! Men are never the problem!

Joshua Minsoo Kim: “Your body shape was a warning sign,” goes the first line, and the rest of the song is equally as clumsy and charmless. I like how the chorus is meant to replicate the loud-volume talking one does at noisy concerts, but realistic small talk (“How you doing? Well, I want you to know that I am doing better than I was before”) doesn’t make for compelling music. That “I’m on your news feed twice a day” is all this dude wanted to hear isn’t particularly romantic, either.

Nicholas Donohoue: This song was made for the Twitter subset who has “My DMs are always open ;)” as their description.

Katherine St Asaph: How dreadful for Sea Girls that even after they got longlisted for Sound of 2019, the only recording the label provided of their new single was of drunken pub karaoke.

Crystal Leww: As it turns out, I extremely love Franz Ferdinand, I guess. 

Thomas Inskeep: Goddamn if the most influential band on the 2010s in the UK isn’t the fucking Killers.

Alfred Soto: The Killers are an infuriating band, often ludicrous in the wrong ways, but their frontman’s genuine envy of queer musical tropes saves them. Sea Girls are the result of a band’s envy of caddishness, as in, “Why can’t we be as macho as we’d like to be?” Answer: the nagging synth.

Edward Okulicz: This song is sending unsolicited dick pics to my ears, and I wish it would stop.

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3 Responses to “Sea Girls – All I Want to Hear You Say”

  1. lmao i can’t believe im the high score on a guitar song

  2. The problem with this song is that it is terribly boring. Guitar rock has got to bring something different and this definitely does not.

  3. the problem with this song is the vocals — I don’t even find it particularly sexist but please. stop. shouting at me.

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