Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Post Malone – Wow

The sexiest rapper alive for the 2nd year in a row now…


Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: It’s like Post Malone realized that he was getting too likeable on his mediocre R&B singer tip and decided to put out the poor man’s poor man’s “Ric Flair Drip” to compensate.

Katherine St Asaph: Very slight point in the song’s favor: Post Malone will now forever remind me of the Kid Pix kid.

Alfred Soto: Those cadences the producers designed for maximum catchiness, like a building whose A/C is on full blast will guarantee your sweaty ass will catch a cold. Less vacant than his other hits because he’s not trying for anything but a benumbed chanting.

Thomas Inskeep: He’s still an idiot, but at least he’s rapping instead of doing his sad-sack singing act, and doing so on a track with some tempo to it. That said, he’s still an idiot.

Nicholas Donohoue: I just went on a deep dive on possible collaborations between Post Malone and Fall Out Boy. This is the Bad Place.

Tim de Reuse: Mercifully short, with a melody that’s worth remembering as long as you ignore the words chosen to deliver it; yeah, this is probably about as good a song as Post Malone is capable of putting out. Shame about the awkward, mid-heavy production on the instrumental, though. I think it’s aiming for “gritty and lo-fi” but it lands closer to “recorded inside a length of PVC pipe.”

Maxwell Cavaseno: On one hand, dancehall-tinted “Taste” shouldn’t be anyone’s particular cup of tea; especially when it’s coming from Post Malone who’s rightfully been made into the Nickelback of the current day and age as far as token ‘music to detest’ goes. But I’ll say this much for him, unlike Tyga, Post’s not uninspired when he tries to rap here. The intoxicating stir of the beat is a gooey drench that leaves no stains yet no memorable feelings, not unlike Post’s verse as well. As unclean as the record might make you feel in watching him celebrate himself, it not only goes down quick but it comes out even faster.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Murky and unsexy enough that the only thing that stands out is Post Malone’s sly delivery of the titular line. He says it sardonically — you can really hear the punctuation mark there — and it makes me envision him with the biggest smirk, like he’s making clear that all his haters can’t stop his success.

Taylor Alatorre: Fall Out Boy and “Wanna Be a Baller” references in the first verse, a Dak Prescott play-call in the second — this couldn’t be pandering to me harder if it were written using my online advertising profile. As pandering goes, it’s passable until it gets to the chorus, which is such an uninspired variation on the theme of newfound success that it deflates everything around it. Post’s “wow” is delivered with the same inflection as the reaction you give to a Christmas present which was supposedly microtargeted to your interests but which will never see a minute of use after December 25.

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