Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Daddy Yankee & Snow – Con Calma

Not featuring Snow tha Product, because there has to be someone other than your editor who assumed that…


Thomas Inskeep: Daddy Yankee, the most average guy in reggaeton, has finally hit musical bottom, but in the most delightful way possible: by bringing Snow back from the dead! From its verses, “Con Calma” would be as average as it gets, but no, the song utilizes “Informer” for its chorus! And as if that somehow wasn’t enough, Yankee actually pulls Snow in for the song’s final verse (in English, in case you were wondering). If “Con Calma” isn’t “so bad it’s good” — and it’s not — it’s at least “so bad you have to hear it.”

Edward Okulicz: It’s fantastic that we’ve reached the age (or that I’ve reached the age) where my musical childhood is now the preferred era to pillage for hits — ’90s nostalgia forever! The hook to “Informer” was outrageously catchy, but Daddy Yankee’s rendition of it lacks its tension and danger. I’m not sure that this is any better than a hypothetical modern reggaeton remix of the original, done by some dude in his bedroom.

David Moore: My taste in interpolations ebbs and flows around my need for verisimilitude, and I happen to be in a flow mood (don’t waste our time, there’s nostalgia to mine?). So just plunking Snow directly on the damn track with a minimum of funny business and then paring the rest of the production back to its bones scratches the itch with a mercenary efficiency I appreciate.

Ryo Miyauchi: Daddy Yankee touches on dancehall as much as reggaeton in this revival of Snow’s “Informer,” and his being relatively in the center of that musical Venn diagram removes some of the cultural baggage attached to the original record. Not only does he smoothly repurpose the cadence of the chorus, he smartly flips the script, assigning the criminal role instead to the dancer who he eyes from the other side of the club. It’s as good of a fate anyone could’ve given to “Informer” and Snow himself.

Andy Hutchins: I guess “Informer” was about something other than Snow having an excuse to make reggae music as a white Torontoan? “Con Calma” is, likewise, about something other than Daddy Yankee — who is 42, a mere seven years younger than Snow — turning the beloved (citation needed) “Informer” vocal melody into a riddim, as a means of trying to stoke the embers left over from being less important to “Despacito” than Justin Bieber. But “I like your poom-poom, girl” is arguably even dumber than “a licky boom-boom down,” flipping “stab” into a sex pun is dumber still, and literally no one was asking for Snow to reprise an entire verse from “Informer” other than Snow.

Iris Xie: At this point, I’m suspicious of highly popular songs with really strong beats because I’m fairly sure they get popular because it’s easy to make dance routines to them, or because they’re part of the new social media marketing campaigns. And I was right! #ConCalma tells me more about the song than the song itself, another case of a sturdy and easily digestible reggaeton beat with the single hook “Poom Poom GUUURRLLLL.” The arrangement flows well enough — for a dance routine. I really dislike the idea that I have to check Instagram in order to enjoy a song.

Jibril Yassin: Is Jim Carrey going to cover this too?

Joshua Minsoo Kim: As lame as “Informer” was and still is, Daddy Yankee turns a central line (the “boom boom down”-turned-“poom poom girl”) into a solid earworm. The entirety of the song gravitates toward it, given the contrast it provides in rhythmic delivery. This turns out to be the song’s biggest flaw, though, as it makes obvious how 99% of “Con Calma” is disposable.

Ramzi Awn: Built on a familiar melody and a busy beat, “Con Calma” makes for a catchy soundtrack to a beach party. The single has its place, but for all its layers, it fails to engage.  

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3 Responses to “Daddy Yankee & Snow – Con Calma”

  1. Re: subhead, I also 100% assumed it was Snow Tha Product, like ‘oh, I guess she’s going by just Snow now,’ and then I listened and went OH NO

  2. this has katy perry on it now and accordingly like 10000 radio adds

  3. Oh god, the Katy Perry surgically removes the minor pleasure I had in the original version. She is an expert song-fucker-upper.

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