Thursday, February 14th, 2019

Shizzi ft. Mayorkun & Teni – Aye Kan

We close Thursday with a big collab from Nigeria, because we kan.


Julian Axelrod: I knew I’d love this from the first 15 seconds; the glossy, washed out synths and intricate percussion spread guaranteed greatness. The rest of the song makes good on that promise, sometimes to a fault. Its consistent pulse is satisfying, but Shizzi doesn’t have quite enough tricks to justify the five minute runtime. Luckily, Mayorkun and Teni know how to keep things interesting. Their back and forth flings them across the beat’s wide expanse, keeping you on your toes as you try to guess where they’ll pop up next.

Alfred Soto: The trop house arrangment, at least three years late, has a refracted quality, as if forcing consumers to peer through shimmering chlorine ripples at the musicians below. Five minutes is too long to stare — contact lenses dry out.

Iris Xie: The pre-chorus at 1:39 has a sweet blend between the vocal and the vibrating synth in the background, and that vibrating synth peeks its head in and out the track, resulting in a more intricate build up that is patient and relentlessly grooving. It sounds more like a quiet, private elation, and they continue singing all the way to the end, keeping that drive going.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Shizzi’s production feels like it should glisten, but it’s actually the song’s muted gloss that makes it stand out. Neither Teni nor Mayorkun have sung over instrumentation this nocturnal, that felt like the soundtrack to a private celebration. As such, “Aye Kan” is a song that captures the thrill of dancing and debauchery in all its haze and ecstasy. Mayorkun enters with his always-lush vocals to summarize the vibe: “You see — this life, it is beautiful.” It’s a simple statement, but the kind you believe in your heart of hearts when in a state of utter bliss. Shizzi’s synth gurgles and drum fills are enchanting flourishes, but it’s Teni’s slick vocal melodies that keep you in this headspace.

Iain Mew: The loop sounds like a better, brighter reality softly impinging on ours via a distant radio. They alternately try tip-toeing around it and a filtered cry of “this life is beautiful.” Both work. 

Jonathan Bradley: The most striking thing about “Aye Kan” are the live drums that burst into the mix, turning the bittersweet drift of the vocal — Auto-Tuned and evanescent — into something suddenly grounded and earthly — even retro. It puts the past and present into a song bowed by the impossible openness of the future. The crystal keys roll on and on into forever.

Nortey Dowuona: Plush, ballooning synths rise, lifting Teni’s velvety crops along with Mayorkun’s flimsy tenor. A clicking drumbeat is pumped up by lumbering drum breaks and lilting bass slithering between the two, all carefully built by Shizzi from the clouds down.

Jessica Doyle: My favorite part is the unexpected hi-hat that occurs for the first time at about 1:15, breaking up a flow that could get smooth enough to bore. It never does, though; it feels like a road trip with people you thought too cool to let you in the car with them, instead warmly leaving you a seat and sharing a story. You don’t have to know where the car’s headed; they know.

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