Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Kid Sister – Big ‘n’ Bad

We appear to have reviewed three singles by her now…


Kat Stevens: Kid Sister is so bouncy and likeable that I can’t help smiling whenever I hear her voice, even if the song is nothing more than a bit of brassy electro fluff. I hope this song gets put on a DDR machine sometime soon.

Al Shipley: They call her Kid Sister, but she’s always sounded to me like someone’s 40ish aunt, trying way too hard to convince herself that she’s still as hip and with it as she never actually was. When she’s got this rappity rap thing out of her system, she’ll finally get her CPA license and move out of that loft.

Martin Skidmore: No big guest stars or producer here, so it’s almost entirely about her, and I like her. She’s brash and bright, clearly having plenty of fun, and the bouncy electro almost seems about to tip over into rave. Not sure about the screwed down male voice, but really this is thoroughly enjoyable.

Chuck Eddy: I’d almost give that irresistible Yazoo sample a 7 by itsownself. Kid Sister’s zestful chattering adds at least a point; who even cares what she’s saying? (Btw, when re-checking out this track on Rhapsody, I discovered that Sis also updated Debbie Deb’s “Lookout Weekend,” with Nina Sky, in July. Awesome idea! That one gets an 8, too; i.e., exactly two points lower than the original.)

Michaelangelo Matos: Do go.

Jonathan Bogart: I’m definitely on board with any attempt to rehabilitate the Jock Jams genre of 90s party techno-cum-rap. I just wish she was a bit better at it.

4 Responses to “Kid Sister – Big ‘n’ Bad”

  1. We appear to have reviewed three singles by her now…

    And this is easily the catchiest and most fun of those three singles (which I’ve thought since the album came out, as my blurb for “Right Hand Hi” below makes clear.) So naturally, it gets the lowest overall average grade — go figure.

  2. This is terrific, am in agreement w/Chuck here. Talking of Nina Sky, their new self-released free EP is a must-listen, especially for those with affection for the spirit of freestyle.

  3. Is she actually popular anywhere?

  4. god i hope not. maybe the local press in Chicago humors her?