Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Marshmello x Roddy Ricch – Project Dreams

Not, as it turns out, the name of Marshmello and Roddy Ricch’s new tech startup…


Iris Xie: Did Kaiser Permanente decide to put out a rap track? Roddy Ricch is damn excited at least, and it’s not hard to be caught up in his infectiousness — he has a sing-songy flow, which brings a sensation of someone who is absolutely wired to dance turns and skips on top of a slumbering skywalk. The almost heart-rate pace that oscillates up and down serves as a platform for his rap, resulting in an assured pace that doesn’t sound particularly distinguishable, but is serviceable.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: Marshmello gets a G League YoungBoy to rap over some cutesy, multicolor synth flutters. “Project Dreams” is of no worth beyond the fact that it’ll keep Marshmello on people’s minds. And just as we saw Marshmello’s Fortnite concert become eclipsed by the rise of Apex Legends, let’s hope another artist comes out to keep this mediocre producer out of our collective consciousness.

David Sheffieck: He may be the big name but Marshmello largely coasts here, turning in an autopilot beat while Roddy Ricch takes the spotlight. And Ricch hits his mark: if this isn’t quite a starmaking performance (he’s basically one note throughout, though he does it well) he’s tuneful and memorable enough to make the most of a short track. It’s more than enough to make you wonder what he might do with a stronger producer.

Alfred Soto: Figure a couple points for Roddy Ricch’s enthusiasm — he thinks he’s Biggie, or, more accurately, J. Cole. He won’t shut up about his rote dreams long enough to hear the synthesized flutter of Marshmello’s beats.

Thomas Inskeep: Roddy Ricch likes to talk a lot about his “bitches.” Marshmello has never made an interesting beat in his life. And at long last, they’re together!

Stephen Eisermann: Marshmello’s production has never been anything stellar, but it’s especially mediocre here, only sounding worse with Roddy Ricch’s terrible flow — punctuated by weird inflections and very random phrasing — and a boring brag fest of lyrics. A song with “dreams” in the title really shouldn’t be this… below-average.

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