Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

JVG – Ikuinen Vappu

No word, unfortunately, on how this Finnish rap duo’s parents like this…


Joshua Minsoo Kim: Lord help me, a person can only handle so much middling chart-topping rap. It’s great to hear rap becoming legitimatized and successful in countries around the world, but I’ll be waiting for a time when pop rap isn’t filled with objectively mediocre talent. The self-serious tone brought in by the piano melody and guitar figure bring this down further.

Thomas Inskeep: I’m not big on the finger-picked acoustic guitar — I generally never am — but I love the way that this Finnish rap duo’s voices sound, especially against each other. Once the beat kicks in in earnest, things improve. It’s also nice to see JVG moving on from the “sport rap” that’s made them famous in their home country into more serious, sincere songs — the chief refrain of “Ikuinen Vappu” is “I go deeper into the forest,” both not a metaphor (the song concerns itself, partially, with traveling through Finland) and also definitely a metaphor.

Iain Mew: I like the initial sad guitar bit, which stands out from the crowd in density if not intensity. From there, though, it’s a quick retreat, and the guitar and a diffident JVG end up fighting for space in the background.

Alfred Soto: The rapping never rises above the standard, despite the guitar’s efforts to add perk. 

Iris Xie: The drone-like hypnosis of the chorus does a good job of communicating what it’s like to press on while driving through a long night, although I have never experienced a Finnish winter. The distant guitar, combined with the staunch beat, mimics the dozy sensation of being in the passenger seat of a long drive and seeing endless lights pass by in a rhythmic fashion. Also, “skrrt skrrt” is used to an extremely studious extent, considering, well, they’re driving. I mean, this song is extremely devoted to being a tome about long travels, and also cars are phenomenal spaces for music listening, so “Ikuinen Vappu” is a meta canister of a car song.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: An entrancing, looping guitar riff and spirited vocal performances (catch the migo-esque “skrr”s on the verse) lift this slightly beyond the generic EDM-pop it could have been. But I feel like “Finnish trap-influenced pop song about traveling in the forest” is a concept that deserves something a little more interesting.

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