Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Benny Blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez & J Balvin – I Can’t Get Enough

Us, on the other hand…


Joshua Minsoo Kim: Reggaeton with all the sensuality removed and inexplicably replaced with an antiseptic sheen. The vocal sample and twinkling sound effects are cute, but they run contrary to the steamy lyrics. Based off the middle eight, the goal may have been to create a song more dreamy than palpable, but the beat’s thrust is too rigid and unsexy to convince listeners of any emotion or feeling.

Iris Xie: I don’t understand how Selena Gomez can say “I can’t get enough,” because she sounds like she’s having the most boring sex of her life here, complete with a muffled toy-kazoo beat that is supposed to represent lust? (Maybe if her lust was made out of styrofoam.) Understatement does not have to mean anonymity, but the blankness is dominant, and the shoutout of “Latino gang” has more form and is more energetic than the actual features themselves. Props to the audio engineer though, here Gomez doesn’t sound hoarse. 

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Everyone sounds like everyone else’s second choice here — even the synths sound deflated. Who asked for this, anyways?

Alfred Soto: Wait, this is reggaeton? Naggingly deployed stutter-mumble, Balvin channeling Pitbull (“Vamo’ a calenatar” — with what, a toaster?), the production as erotic as day-old sushi.

Thomas Inskeep: Talk about Spotify-core: start with a vaguely Latin EDM/pop beat (in this case, a kind of reggaeton shuffle), add English-language choruses and Spanish-language verses, and PRESTO! Worldwide Spotify domination. Shame that it’s all so dull. And that the English-language singer is Selena Gomez. And that Benny Blanco wouldn’t know a good beat if it hit him in the face.

Stephen Eisermann: It’s hard to find the words to describe a song that leaves as little a mark as this one. I’m always game for more bilingual songs gaining traction in American pop music, but this sounds more like electro-elevator than electro-pop and I’m growing pretty tired of Selena’s robotic coos on every one of these tracks. Find a new singer, find a new style, find better lyrics (you’re not in the clear, J Balvin), just try harder.

Katherine St Asaph: “I Can’t Get Enough,” Except Every Time Someone Thinks They’re About to Interpolate the Depeche Mode Song Selena’s Vocal Track Gets Clipped a Little Shorter

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  1. because what we really needed was someone to remake Mi Gente, but two years later and worse

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